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104-Year-Old Woman Reveals What She Drinks Every Day for Longevity

Evelyn Eales just celebrated her birthday, crediting her long life to an affordable beverage.

The key to living a long life will vary depending on who you ask. But if you're going to take advice from anyone, it should probably be a centenarian or supercentenarian who's actually surpassed 100 years of age. These folks are often willing to share their longevity secrets, whether they credit their long lives to dietary choices or lifestyle habits. Now, 104-year-old Evelyn Eales is sharing her drink of choice for extending one's years—and it might not be what you expect.

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Eales recently spoke with ABC-affiliate 40/29 News on her birthday, which happens to fall on Leap Day, Feb. 29. While this birthday marked her 104th year, she was technically only celebrating her 26th Leap Year birthday. When the outlet asked her what keeps her feeling as young as 26, she said it's due to some lifestyle choices and her favorite wine.

"Well, I've been widowed for 40 years, and I don't have any children," Eales said. "And I drink wine every day—Franzia Chillable Red."

Eales, well-known by friends and loved ones for her sense of humor, added that she hopes Franzia "sends me a carton of wine."

While some may have differing opinions on drinking wine every night, this habit won't exactly break the bank. A 3-liter box of Franzia Chillable Red will likely run you between $11 and $15, while a 5-liter box (34 glasses of wine) is typically between $18 and $26, depending on where you shop.

Eales isn't the only one who's spoken of the benefits of wine, either. Edith "Edie" Ceccarelli—once America's oldest-known person until her passing in February at age 116—also indulged nightly.

"When questioned about her secrets, she told others they should, "Have a couple of fingers of red wine with your dinner, and mind your own business," per The New York Times.

Red wine has recently faced some scrutiny when it comes to health benefits, and studies on alcohol and longevity have reached different conclusions—but both Ceccarelli and Eales claim they've gotten extra years as a result of their drinking habits.

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For her part, Eales said enjoying life is another piece of the longevity puzzle.

"Enjoy it when you have it," she told 40/29 News. "I don't know, I just don't regret anything I ever did, regardless of what it was."

Chuckling, she added, "Live for the moment."

There may be even more to Eales' longevity, however, as her great-niece Teresa Crupper told NBC-affiliate 5News.

"She's an amazing lady. She has a Facebook, she does Sudoku, crossword puzzles, she reads avidly—just very active," Crupper said.

Eales celebrated her birthday in Bella Vista, Arkansas, having lived there since 1989. As she told 5News, to commemorate the big 104, she really wanted to ride on the back of a motorcycle.

"I've wanted to go on this ride for 104 years," she said, adding that she wasn't sure why she had this specific birthday wish. "I guess I'm just a daredevil."

The Summer Fun Run Motorcycle Club took Eales on the 10-minute ride through Bella Vista, where she waved at those who came out to wish her well. Eales also told 5News she hopes that next year—for her 105th birthday—another motorcycle-themed celebration will be in store.

"Any time the fellas are ready, I am," she joked.

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