Why The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About President Trump’s Weight

His doctor says he weighs 239 pounds. Others speculate that it's closer to 260.

Why The Internet Can’t Stop Talking About President Trump’s Weight

Last week, President Donald Trump, 71, took a medical exam that evaluated his physical fitness for office. On Tuesday, his doctor, Ronny Jackson, released the results, which were generally positive.

Jackson asserted that the president had  “absolutely no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever,” and was overall in “excellent” physical health. His only concern, he said, was the president’s weight. According to Jackson, Trump weighs 239 pounds, which—at his height of 6′ 3″—would categorize him as overweight and just one pound shy of obese.

One of the reporters immediately asked Jackson how someone who reportedly drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke a day, eats tons of fast food, and has no exercise routine, could be in such fantastic physical shape.

“It’s called genetics,” was Jackson’s simple response.

The Internet, however, has not been able to let this one go, and people are expressing doubt at Trump’s weight, accusing him of literally tipping the scale to officially be one pound short of obese.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes coined the “girthers” to describe “those who believe the president weighs more than his doctor reports,” and pretty soon it was a movement composed of memes that stocked photos of the president alongside athletes who are about the same height and weight.

Now, granted, comparing Trump to professional athletes who are approximately the same weight might not be totally fair, and, if anything, is probably a good indicator that muscle really is more dense than fat. Not to mention, there’s a growing number of health experts who think the BMI is bogus anyway.

However, experts have previously guessed that his real weight is closer to 260 pounds, so it wouldn’t be the first time he was accused of fudging the numbers. Either way, these side-by-sides are pretty striking. And, Mr. President, if you’re reading this, we’ve got the 5 Best Workouts for you right here.

photo of trump and lattavius murphy

Latavius Murray

At 235 pounds, and the same height, the Vikings running back is just 4 pounds lighter, but has quite a different physique.

trump next to jay cutler

Jay Cutler

Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler is apparently the same height but just six pounds lighter than Trump.

albert Pujols next to trump

Albert Pujols

Angels baseball player Albert Pujols is reportedly 6’3″ and a pound heavier than the president.

olympic athlete next to trump

Cyrille Maret

French Olympic athlete in judo Cyrille Maret is just one pound shy of Trump.

football player next to trump

Luke Kuechly

Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is the same height and reportedly 235 pounds.

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