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8 Most Overrated and Underrated Health Foods, Nutritionist Says

Nutritionist Claire Sorlie highlights the snacks you should pick up, and those to leave behind.

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It's no secret that eating healthy can be tricky, especially when marketing ploys advertise some foods as wise choices when they're actually anything but. But unless you're well-versed in buzzwords and specific ingredients, it can be hard to determine whether items are truly beneficial for your health. That's where Claire Sorlie, certified nutritionist, NTP, and founder of Resilient Health and Wellness, comes in. In a two-part TikTok video, Sorlie breaks down the eight overrated and underrated health foods you might see at the supermarket. Read on to find out what she says your grocery list "does and doesn't need."

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Overrated: Alkaline water

alkaline water
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

First up on Sorlie's list of overrated products is alkaline water. In a Sept. 2022 TikTok, she notes that we "don't need to be messing with the pH of our water."

She continues, "Plus, when we drink this alkaline water, it's going to the place in the body that needs to be very acidic in order to function properly, AKA our stomach."

Underrated: Cooking broth

chicken broth
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

While alkaline water should be axed from your list, Sorlie says that cooking broths should definitely be added.

"This should be in everyone's kitchen," she urges. "Adding broths to your meals or using it as a replacement for water in recipes is the easiest, most underrated way to add more nutrients to your meals and make them taste so much better."

Sorlie advises getting one with "clean" ingredients, specifically recommending an option from Bonafide Provisions.

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Overrated: Oatmeal

package of oatmeal
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

If you're a big fan of oatmeal in the morning, Sorlie doesn't have a problem with it—but she does believe it's a bit overrated.

"Oatmeal is fine, but it's just kind of like, we get it, you know, it's a little overdone," Sorlie says in the video.

Underrated: Red bell peppers

red bell pepper
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

Next up on the list of underrated health foods are red bell peppers. While you already know that veggies are a smart addition to your diet, you might not realize some of the added benefits of these peppers specifically.

"These have three times the amount of vitamin C than an orange—why are we having orange juice when we're sick?" Sorlie asks her followers. "We need to make a big ol' batch of red bell pepper soup!"

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Overrated: Collagen powders

collagen powders
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

In an April 2 follow-up video, Sorlie continues her list of overrated versus underrated products. And in her opinion, collagen powders aren't worth it.

"Don't get me wrong, there are some good collagen powder brands. I've just found in my clinical experience that my clients get better results with things like their hair, skin, nails, [and] joint health when we use a whole food source of collagen versus a powdered form," Sorlie explains.

The powdered options can be "highly processed" and often contain "funky additives" that can make you gassy and bloated, Sorlie adds.

"The best whole food source of collagen is gonna be bone broth," she concludes, recommending frozen and pantry options from Bonafide Provisions.

Underrated: Raspberries

image of raspberries
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

The first fruit to make the list, Sorlie says that raspberries don't get enough credit.

"A lot of people don't realize that raspberries actually have a decent amount of fiber, [which] we as Americans could definitely use more of," she says. "The recommended daily dose is about 30 to 40 grams, and most Americans only get about 15."

Overrated: Probiotic supplements

probiotic supplements
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

Probiotic supplements also fall under Sorlie's overrated designation, as she notes there are better natural sources.

"Again, yes, there are some good brands on the market, there are very specific instances where I use probiotic supplements with my clients," she says.

However, for your daily dose of probiotics, reach for a food source like sauerkraut, which has pre- and probiotics and tends to be more affordable.

"Food sources like sauerkraut are a much better option, often contain more strains of probiotics, and you don't need to consume a lot," Sorlie says. "With sauerkraut, you can start with just one teaspoon per day."

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Underrated: Sleepytime tea

caffeine free sleepytime herbal tea
Copyright Claire Sorlie / TikTok

Last on Sorlie's list is Sleepytime tea, which she argues doesn't get enough hype.

"These herbs listed in the ingredients will not only help you get to sleep, but also stay asleep," she says of the Celestial Seasonings Caffeine Free Herbal Tea.

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