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Susan Lucci Reveals the 3 Foods She Eats Daily After "Widowmaker" Heart Attack Scare

The former All My Children actor opened up about how her diet has changed.

Many celebrities follow strict diets in order to stay in shape—but looking good isn't the only reason to adjust what you're eating. In fact, Susan Lucci eats the same foods every day after a major health scare. In a new interview with Fox New Digital, the former All My Children actor opened up about how her diet changed when she came close to a "widowmaker" heart attack. Read on to learn more about Lucci's healthy living.

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Lucci experienced a "widowmaker" heart attack scare in 2018.

Susan Lucci wearing dress by Rubin Singer walks runway for Red Dress Collection 2019 Go Red for Women at Hammerstein ballroom

As a longtime ambassador for the American Heart Association (AHA), Lucci's dedication to cardiac health became more personal just a few years ago.

Lucci told Fox News Digital that she felt pressure on her chest for the first time in Oct. 2018 while waiting to be seated at a restaurant. She chalked it up to holiday stress until the same thing happened a few weeks later at a different restaurant, and then again a week later while shopping at a boutique.

"I remember many years ago reading a story of a woman who spoke about her symptoms of a heart attack and how they can be different from men," Lucci told the news outlet. "I remember she said something about the feeling of an elephant pressing on her chest. That's what I was feeling."

The manager of the boutique drove Lucci to the hospital, where a scan revealed that the star had a 90 percent blockage in the main artery to her heart. Her medical team said that if she had continued to ignore her symptoms, she would have experienced a "widowmaker" heart attack.

A widowmaker is a type of heart attack that is "immediately life-threatening" and often fatal because "you have a full blockage in your heart's biggest artery," according to the Cleveland Clinic.

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She has changed up her diet.

Mediterranean Style Food
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Doctors inserted two stents as a result of Lucci's 2018 scare. Then a few years later, she had another stent inserted after she began experiencing a sharp pain in her jaw.

"I felt so ashamed," Lucci admitted. "Here I was telling women to be aware of their symptoms, and I was starting to slip back into my old behavior, not wanting to believe it was anything significant. But it turned out that jaw pain can be another symptom for women. And I'm so thankful that I was mindful."

In light of her heart health issues, Lucci also decided to make certain changes to her behavior. The 77-year-old now follows the Mediterranean diet, she revealed to Fox News Digital.

"It started with superfoods," she told the news outlet. "A book about it came out, and my friend gave it to me. She was already eating that way and she looked great. And as I educated myself, I realized that's how I ate … I do have the occasional pasta and carbs. I love carbs … But the key is moderation."

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There are three foods she eats every day now.

Salmon Kale super food Salad with avocado, pistachio nuts and blueberries on black plate.

With her new dedication to clean eating, the former All My Children star told Fox News Digital that there are three foods she always has in stock in her fridge because she eats them every day: salmon, blueberries, and kale.

"My doctor told me, 'You keep doing what you're doing because something good will come from that,'" Lucci shared.

At the same time, there are certain foods Lucci won't eat much of anymore.

"I try to avoid foods that are full of cholesterol," she told Fox News Digital.

Lucci continued, "I love cheese, but I don't eat much of it, hardly ever. I love ice cream, but I moderate it. It's all about moderation. For the most part, I avoid foods that can lead to cholesterol buildup."

The actor is also encouraging other women to listen to their bodies.

Caring female doctor use phonendoscope examine senior patient heart rate at consultation in hospital. Woman nurse or GP use stethoscope listen to woman's heartbeat in clinic.

Before her heart attack scare, Lucci said she had never really had any health issues. But she's since learned that her heart problems are hereditary from her father's side of the family.

"I was totally in shock," she recalled. "I didn't have pain. It was just pressure. Everyone was surprised. You think with my lifestyle, how could this happen? Well, it could. And, in my case, it was family history."

The actor is now continuing to raise awareness for women's heart health by pushing the importance of knowing your family's medical history, and of not ignoring potential signs of trouble.

"My message for women is to listen to your body," Lucci concluded. "Always put yourself on your to-do list. We don't even put ourselves on the list. I'm lucky I'm here to tell my story."

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