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Top 10 Foods That Make You Gain Weight, Dietitian Says

Online weight loss coach @DietitianTayla warns about portion control with these foods.

If you're trying to watch your weight or shed a few pounds ahead of summer, you know that diet is a crucial component. It's a good idea to cut back on less nutritious food choices, but according to Tayla, an online weight-loss coach, nutritionist, and dietitian who uses the handle @DietitianTayla on Instagram and TikTok, there are a few foods you might not even realize are deterring your weight-loss and fitness goals. According to Tayla, none of these food choices are necessarily "bad," they're just "sneakily high in calories." So, if you've put on some weight that you can't seem to account for, or just aren't seeing results despite your diet and exercise plan, you'll want to review Tayla's list. Read on for the top 10 foods that make you gain weight.

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costco muffins
Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

Muffins are at the top of Tayla's list, specifically those from Costco.

"You know those muffins from Costco that are like big and yummy and delicious and taste so good for breakfast? I want you to guess how many calories are in one of those," she says in an April 11 TikTok video. "If you guessed between 700 and 900 calories, then you would be correct. It's like eating a piece of cake for breakfast—which is delicious, just higher calories."


kind granola
Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

Also on Tayla's list is granola, which you may add to your smoothie or yogurt in the morning to enjoy a bit of extra crunch. However, if you're not measuring out your portions, you could end up consuming way more calories than intended.

"A cup of granola can run you between 400, up to 500 calories," Tayla says. "So make sure that you're reading your labels closely and measuring accurately because it's not as low-calorie as you might think."

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blue diamond almonds
Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

@DietitianTayla also issues a warning about nuts.

"Of course, they are very nutritious, but a cup of these roasted almonds will run you 680 calories," she says, referring to a bag of Blue Diamond Roasted Salted Almonds. "Nuts are very nutritious, so don't completely eliminate them from your diet, just make sure you use good portion control."

Peanut butter

jif peanut butter
Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

Similarly, Tayla warns about peanut butter, another sneaky food that can add up in calories.

"I want you to go to your pantry and spoon out what you think is one serving. Two tablespoons will get you about 200 calories—and I can tell you this, I can eat much more than 2 tablespoons," she tells viewers. "So make sure that you are measuring that one accurately because it's easy to go over."

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Dried fruit

Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

Another choice you make that is seemingly health-conscious is dried fruit. While this isn't necessarily bad for you, it's yet another snack that could result in you putting on pounds or being unable to move the scale.

"Not only are they very calorie-dense, but they usually have a lot of added sugar into them too," Tayla explains. "Even dates—a cup of dates will run you about 400 calories."

But beyond these factors, too much dried fruit can also upset your digestion, Tayla cautions.


Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

Pasta is a staple on every list of weight-loss no-nos, but Tayla says it's all about moderation.

"Number six on this list is pasta, not because it's bad by any means, but it's really easy to overeat," she points out in a follow-up TikTok video. "So next time you're cooking up your pasta, make sure to measure out beforehand to see what that 2-ounce serving actually looks like."


Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

If you love a salty snack, chips are likely something you enjoy. But Tayla cites these as another food that will sneak up on you in terms of calories.

"I want you to check out these tortilla chips," she says, including a screenshot of Tostitos Original Tortilla Chips. "One serving is only seven chips—when was the last time you only ate seven chips?"

Salad dressing

ranch salad dressing
Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

This one seems counterintuitive, as you are having a salad after all. But if you're dousing your greens and veggies in dressing, it could derail your goals.

"We run into trouble with this one if you're not measuring it," Tayla warns. "So, typically, one serving is about 2 tablespoons, but it can be really easy to have that 2 tablespoons turn into 4."

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Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

As disappointing as it may seem, alcohol is another food that can make you gain weight—and it's not only due to the added calories.

"This one is probably obvious because, of course, it's going to be extra calories, but when you're in a calorie deficit and you're trying to burn body fat, when you're consuming alcohol, your body has to stop metabolizing fat in order to get through the alcohol, so it essentially blocks your ability to lose body fat while you're drinking alcohol and a little bit afterward," Tayla shares.

She urges, "Drink it with caution, especially when you're in a calorie deficit—and, of course, make sure that you're measuring it if you're pouring your own glasses."

Eating out a restaurants

costa vida salad bowl
Copyright @DietitianTayla / TikTok

Tayla concedes that this one is a "bit of a cheat," as she's "lumping in" going out to eat for her last category. Still, it's something to pay attention to.

"It is very easy to go over on calories when you're eating out without even realizing it, and I have four examples," Tayla says, pointing out a 1,300-calorie salad from Costa Vida; a 290-calorie slice of Domino's pepperoni pizza; a 1020-calorie Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr.; and a Chipotle burrito that's over 1,300 calories.

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