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Lose 50 Pounds by Following 2 Simple Rules, Successful Dieter Says

She says the key is changing your habits and sticking to your new routines.

From different diets to the latest fitness class craze, there's always something new to try when you want to shed some pounds. Medications like Ozempic and Wegovy have drummed up even more interest, as they're touted as miracle drugs for those who have struggled with losing weight. But if you're not interested in a new prescription to achieve your goals, there are other simple and safe ways to get the number on the scale down significantly. Read on to find out the two rules a successful dieter followed to lose 50 pounds.

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Rule Number 1: Cook your own healthy meals.


In a piece for Newsweek, digital content creator Taylor Anise shared her weight loss journey, acknowledging that losing a significant amount of weight is "easier said than done."

"In 2022 I weighed 195lbs and my eating habits were inconsistent," Anise writes. "One day, I'd order a salad, but the next day, I'd order a milkshake. I felt like the majority of my meals were fast food. I knew how to cook, but it was an effort."

But as she shifted her approach to cooking at home, she noticed a shift.

"When I began my weight loss journey, I made more of an effort to cook my own meals. When I go to the store, I often end up cooking for more than one day as I buy a lot of food, including salmon and vegetables," Anise writes. "As I did that, I started preferring my own cooked food over fast food."

Anise's diet now consists of two full meals a day with fruit or a protein bar, but she doesn't fast or take stock of every calorie.

"I didn't really count my calories as a whole, but I was very aware of the things I was eating," she explains.

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Reading a book on cravings helped Anise stick with her first rule.

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Anise conceded that she used to dislike cooking and favored "Chick-fil-A or pizza." But now, she prefers her homecooked meals and saves restaurant trips for when she's going out with friends.

According to Anise, she was able to change her mindset after reading I'm So Effing Hungry: Why We Crave What We Crave—and What to Do About It by Amy Shah.

"I found this book helpful because the author explains why we eat the things that we do," Anise writes. "When she explained that fast food is manufactured to make us want it more because of all the sugar and salt within it, something clicked for me."

After she consistently replaced fast food and processed food with healthier alternatives, Anise says her cravings for her former favorites stopped.

Now, she craves bananas instead—a food she used to dislike. She also made adjustments to one of her favorite dishes, alfredo pasta, using a "dairy-free, low-calorie sauce" on top of a protein to satisfy her craving for "a saucy meal."

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Rule Number 2: Choose the right kind of exercise for you.

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While it may not be all that surprising, exercising is key to any weight loss journey. But to get the results you want, Anise says you have to find a workout routine that you actually like, whether you prefer high-intensity cardio or low-intensity weight training.

"I also picked up cycling, which is my favorite thing," Anise shares. "In order to lose weight by exercising you have to find an exercise that you enjoy, so that you can keep doing it consistently. I do not like going to the gym or using the treadmills, but I love cycling because it's fun."

Anise says she would go to her cycling studio three times a week, where she would burn 600 calories per session, depending on the instructor. When she combined this routine with her new eating habits, that's when she really saw results.

"Within a month of working out and changing my diet, I had lost a substantial amount of weight. The combo of eating right and moving your body is key," she writes. "I feel that if we're not eating what we should be, our exercise goes to waste … Within a year, I lost 50lbs."

Anise has other tips to keep you on track.

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Anise notes that changing her diet and exercise routine was crucial, but she knew that she also needed to be patient with herself on her journey.

"Above all, being patient with myself helped me the most, as I had been accustomed to eating a certain way for my whole life. I understood that it was going to take time for my body to adjust to a different way of eating," she says. "I believe that if you wait for a perfect scenario, you'll never be ready."

Also important was upping her water intake and always staying active. Getting on the scale every morning was helpful, but Anise warns that this can be "mentally challenging" depending on the person. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, try another of Anise's suggestions and take note of how your clothes feel.

"What helped me stay on track is that when I was putting on my clothes, they were becoming looser," she writes. "This motivated me to keep losing weight."

Above all, she says you should have faith in yourself. "One thing I'd say to someone who wants to lose weight is that anything you put your mind to is possible. Your current situation does not define you," Anise concludes.

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