17 Hilarious Things Foreigners Think About the U.S. Obsession with Groundhog Day

"That man is about to eat that poor beaver and all those people are there to take pictures."

When you think about it, Groundhog Day is a bizarre holiday. Every February 2nd, Americans put their fate in the hands—or paws, rather—of a groundhog and wait with bated breath to find out whether we'll have six more weeks of winter or an early spring. People nationwide travel hundreds of miles to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to see a mammal as if he's the messiah form of Al Roker. And you know what? The little guy, aptly named Punxsutawney Phil, is usually wrong.

With his inaccurate results, plenty of Americans struggle to understand why we celebrate Groundhog Day. But the stateside confusion is nothing compared to how foreigners feel. Seeing as other countries (save for Canada) don't celebrate Groundhog Day, you can only imagine how odd this tradition seems to those abroad. Well, you're about to find out. Here are some of the most hilarious things that foreigners have had to say about Groundhog Day.

Do you really believe that "the weather is controlled by large, indecisive rodents"?

Man Outside in the Cold {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Groundhog Day is important, I am told, because most Americans believe that the weather is controlled by large, indecisive rodents." – @WernerTwertzog

Like, you'll trust a rodent's weather analysis, but deny climate change?

groundhog eating a carrot {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Groundhog Day: America accepts weather analysis from a rodent, but denies science of climate change." – @carlsonreports

I mean, "it's a scientific fact" that springs begins on March 21st.

Patio Covered in Snow {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"I really don't understand why Americans celebrate Groundhog Day. It's a scientific fact that spring starts on 21st March." – @49streetlarry

This holiday is "crazier than a bag of drunk snakes."

confused woman {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Groundhog Day: Further proof that Americans are, in general, crazier than a bag of drunk snakes." – @rynbtmn

Is someone going to eat "that poor beaver"?!

female wearing white T-shirt, feeling guilty, confused, making helpless gesture with hands, having Oops expression on her face {Groundhog Day is Weird}
Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock

"That man is about to eat that poor beaver and all those people are there to take pictures of it because American TV is weird like that." – Maggie 

C'mon, it's just that one town that celebrates Groundhog Day, right?

woman at a party {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Do Americans actually care about Groundhog Day, or is it just that one town?" – @Howling_Snail

Is a party really necessary?

People at a Party {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Americans, please help. My department is having a 'Groundhog Day' party. What is that and why does it need to be celebrated? I am utterly confused. Please help" – @carambalache

Are you saying that it exists outside of that Bill Murray movie?

Groundhog Day funny movie quotes

"I found out about it from that one movie, though didn't know it was a real thing." – @Foervraengd

I hope Google can explain this one to me.

American Flag being held by someone {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Despite the fact that nobody outside of the North Americans celebrate Groundhog Day, I literally had to Google what it was." – @Fabi_Photos

This holiday is just bloody confusing.

man looking at computer shocked {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Someone explain Groundhog Day to me, I'm so bloody confused." – @AbdeeAmir 

Wow, "even CNN covers it"?!

watching television {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"[What] is up with Groundhog Day? Americans take it so seriously…. even CNN covers it!" – @flamingtortugas

Well, that "sounds arbitrary."

woman and man looking at computer shocked {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Someone explain Groundhog Day to me? Seeing it on my timeline but not sure I understand it." – @cupcakemummy 

"They watch a groundhog coming out of its burrow—if it stays out spring is here, if it goes back in winter continues." – @phaezen

"Sounds arbitrary." – @cupcakemummy

I'll understand this holiday when you grasp Cinco de Mayo.

Man Shrugging Shoulders at Work

"I will never understand why Americans celebrate 'Groundhog Day' [but] they still don't get what 'Cinco de Mayo' really is about." – @HolaRojas

"Americans are strange people."

Woodchuck {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Just found out how Groundhog Day works….. yeah, Americans are strange people" – @Michiel_nijsten

"Still laughing" about Groundhog Day.

Woman Laughing

"Still laughing at the holiday Americans celebrate – Groundhog Day." – @CruellaLaville

What a cute fake holiday!

Groundhog Chilling on a Rock {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Most adorable folklore EVER." – Ruth Margolis

"Enjoy your traditional fried groundhog!"

woman shocked {Groundhog Day is Weird}

"Good morning. It is … Groundhog Day in America. U.S. clients, enjoy your traditional fried groundhog!" – @LIFECOACHERS

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