Watch This Genius Dog Help Owner into Locked House—Video

Who's a good boy?!

If you've read this incredible story about the dog that waits at a train station for 12 hours a day for his human to come home, you know that canines are the world's best companions. They may look goofy and silly, but when their BFF is in need, they know exactly what to do.

Case in point: Kaylyn Marie came home last Saturday to find that she had accidentally locked herself out, after the wooden rod that she uses to keep the sliding door shut had accidentally fallen back into place.

Luckily, her 8-year-old labrador retriever, Sam, was there to save the day. She points to the rod, and Sam immediately understands what she wants from him. He diligently pulls at the stubborn rod under it finally yields, allowing his owner to enter his home with excited peals of "You're such a good boy!"

She promises him 10,000 treats for his heroic act, but it's really her praise that has Sam beaming with pride as she thanks him. Because, much more than food, all dogs want is to make us proud.

Now if she can only train him to unlock the door.

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