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The Massive Walmart Redesign Is About to Change the Way You Shop

Get ready for a very different Walmart shopping experience.

If you're an avid Walmart shopper, you know the retail chain has undergone some serious changes over the past year. Like stores large and small, Walmart has had to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, implementing new policies to keep employees and customers safe. The next major change you'll see at your local Walmart, however, has less to do with staying healthy and more to do with transforming your shopping experience. On Sept. 30, the company announced that Walmart will be getting a brand new redesign.

In a press release, Walmart executive vice president and chief customer officer Janey Whiteside revealed a "new look and feel focusing on a digitally enabled shopping experience." The goal is to reflect customers' preference for "omni-shopping," which means shopping in-store, online, and via the app. The Walmart redesign is meant to feel like shopping on your computer or phone—but in person.

"The design creates an elevated experience that appeals to shoppers through a sleek design aesthetic, a layout that spotlights products and an end-to-end digital navigation that guides customers throughout their journeys," Whiteside explained.

The redesign has already been tested in some Walmart locations, which means you may already have seen it at your local store. According to the press release, the design will be rolled out to 200 Walmart Supercenter locations by the end of the fiscal year, and will be hitting 1,000 stores by the end of the next. For a closer look at the changes coming with the Walmart redesign, read on, and before you go shopping, make sure you know The Best Time of Month to Score Walmart Deals.

New signage

walmart redesigned entrance

Does that entrance look familiar? The new Walmart signage is meant to resemble the Walmart app icon. There's also a store directory that encourages customers to download the app as part of the "omni-shopping" experience. And if you're a diehard Walmart fan, discover The No. 1 Walmart Shopping Trick You'll Wish You Knew Sooner.

Big, bold type

walmart dairy redesign

Those giant letters are there for a reason. When you glance up from the app, you'll know precisely where to go for the item you're looking for. "Throughout the store, bold, dimensional typeface (e.g. SEAFOOD, BEEF and DAIRY) directs customers to the exact section they are looking for," the press release notes. And the next time you go shopping, be sure to avoid The 20 Worst Things to Buy at Walmart.

New dedicated sections

redesigned walmart electronics

One of the goals of the Walmart redesign was to bring "greater visibility to key items throughout the store," Whiteside explains. There are now more clearly marked sections for toys, baby products, and electronics, among other things. Wondering what sells best at Walmart? These Are the Most Popular Walmart Items from the Past Decade.

Airport inspiration

redesigned walmart produce

The spacious airport-inspired redesign is also about helping Walmart "move customers through the store more quickly," the press release notes. This is especially important amid the pandemic when people likely want to spend less time in enclosed spaces with others. And if you really want to avoid customers, This Is the Best Time to Shop at Walmart, Employees Say.

Contactless checkout

customer scanning app at walmart register

Also on the safety front, the redesigned stores "will include self-checkout kiosks as well as contactless payment solutions, including Walmart Pay, to limit contact between associates and customers," according to the press release. And for more useful information delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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