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5 Easy Last-Minute Holiday Gifts From Walmart

There's something magical for everyone on your list, no matter their age, say retail experts.

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We all know the chaos of needing to find a last-minute holiday gift. Maybe it's because you procrastinated shopping until the week before Christmas or forgot someone important on your list. Either way, it often ends up with you in a crowded store, racing through the aisles to find something appropriate. But if you live near a Walmart, the experience doesn't have to be terrible.

These stores are large, meaning there's space for all the last-minute gifters inside. They also offer express delivery, which means you can get some items in an hour or less—all you need to do is decide what to buy. To help with that, we asked shopping experts for their favorite last-minute gifts from Walmart. Add these to your cart and get them under the tree ASAP.

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Crosley Cruiser Premier Vinyl Record Player

Product shot of a Crosley record player from Walmart

A record player is the type of little luxury someone might not purchase for themselves but will appreciate having in their life.

"At Walmart, the Crosley Cruiser Premier Vinyl Record Player with speakers and wireless Bluetooth is only $44.96," says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback. "This device can play vinyl records and functions as a Bluetooth speaker as well. Reviewers noted great sound quality and overall satisfaction with this product."

If you want to really personalize this gift, add a record by one of your recipient's favorite artists or include a classic holiday vinyl.

Brita Premium Leak Proof Filtered Water Bottle with Straw

Product shot of a purple Brita filtered water bottle from Walmart

There's no such thing as having too many reusable water bottles. If your recipient already has one, they can add a second to their gym bag, office desk, or bedside table, that way they're never without a way to hydrate. However, the Brita Premium Leak Proof Filtered Water Bottle will quickly become their favorite.

"This water bottle can filter water all-in-one and save up to 300 plastic water bottles with each filter," says Landau. "It has a 4.4 out of five-star rating, and for only $22.92, this is a gift that many will love."

Dress it up a little by filling the barrel with holiday candies.

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MaxKare Back & Neck Massager

Product shot of MaxKare back and neck massager from Walmart

For the person who takes "treat yourself" to a whole new level, gift Walmart's MaxKare Back & Neck Massager.

"It's on sale for only $27.59 and is loaded with features, including a heat option," says Melissa Cid, consumer savings expert at "It's great for home, the office, or even to take along with you in the car."

If that doesn't feel quite right, Cid also suggests the Homedics Bubble Bliss Elite Heated Food Spa, which retails for $40 at Walmart, and the 99 Speed Muscle Mass Gun, which goes for $36.

Baketivity DIY Activity Kit

Baketivity DIY cake pop-baking set from Walmart

Gift any kids on your list the Baketivity DIY Activity Kit. It comes with recipe cards and pre-measured ingredients that result in delicious desserts.

"It's a STEM activity and a treat—and a great alternative rather than more stuff," says Marie Clark, editor of shopping and retail site CostContessa. "It's an especially good gift when you don't know all the things a child has or wants."

The ultimate seal of approval: Her nine- and 11-year-old sons have the bake set and love it!

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Farberware Electric Milk Frother

Product shot of a Farberware milk frother from Walmart

Allowing your recipient to make gourmet coffee drinks at home can save them hundreds of dollars throughout the year. The easiest way to do that is to gift them a milk frother.

"This Farberware one is $20 and provides a 4-in-1 functionality so you can make cold foam, warm light foam, warm thick foam, or hot milk for whatever drink you're making," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "Even better, milk frothers aren't just for coffee lovers—plenty of people can use the foam for fancy tea lattes or even use the steamed milk to make perfect hot cocoa."

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