Video: 7 Ways to Make Your Commute the Best Part of Your Day

According to Census Bureau data, we spend 255 minutes a week on our commutes.

The "pocket of freedom," a term recently mentioned in Harvard Business Review, was lifted from author Jon Jachimowicz's great aunt, Adela. Adela spent part of her 20s in Polish ghettos, during Nazi occupation. Each night, despite how fatigued or terrified she may have been, Adela would devote an hour to creative activities with her niece—no exceptions. As it turns out, this method could have a significant effect on something we all experience: our commute.

Most Americans, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, spend 255 minutes a week commuting. That's 12,240 minutes per year—or, put another way, eight-and-a-half days. Jachimowicz and his co-authors suggest applying "pocket of freedom" thinking to your commute. Instead of viewing your commute as a chore, view it as an opportunity. After all, those 25 minutes belong to you and you alone. Here's how to make the most of it.

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