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This Is the Least Vaccinated Zodiac Sign, Data Shows

Based on data from the Salt Lake County Health Department, here's how the signs stack up.

Is your vaccination status written in the stars? Probably not. Most of us chose to get jabbed because the vaccines are highly protective against COVID, or in some cases, because there are other material perks to being inoculated. Nevertheless, astrology is fun to think about, and from time to time we've found ourselves wondering which zodiac sign is the least vaccinated, and which is the most. If you've had the same idle thought, prepare to have your curiosity satisfied.

On Oct. 19, the Salt Lake County Health Department tweeted out a ranking of vaccination status by zodiac sign, from most to least vaccinated, based on their data. If you're someone with strong opinions about the various signs, you might find yourself surprised by the results—and based on your own star chart, you could end up feeling either a burst of pride or some cosmic disappointment. (Of course, while this data was compiled using birth dates, we're talking about astrology and not science, so try not to take it too seriously.) Read on to find out where your sign falls on the list.

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Shot of an unrecognizable doctor putting a band-aid on her patient after giving him the Covid vaccine
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Proud Leos are the most vaccinated sign, based on Salt Lake County Health Department Data, at 70 percent. Not that they need the ego boost.


Female doctor wearing face shield and gives a COVID-19 vaccine to a patient

Aquarians are known to be self-reliant, which might explain why they're the second-most vaccinated sign at 67 percent.


Person getting a COVID vaccine

There's a fairly significant drop to the next sign, Aries, of which 59 percent are fully vaccinated. "We are overachievers," Aries Jeff Eason, the Salt Lake County Health Department's bureau manager of population health and informatics, told The Salt Lake Tribune.

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Crop anonymous doctor in gloves filling syringe with COVID 19 vaccine against blurred senior patient in hospital

Tied with Aries at 59 percent is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are risk-takers who play by their own rules, which might explain why some haven't gotten the shot yet.


Womann getting a COVID vaccine

Hopefully Cancers don't feel too sensitive about being just behind at 58 percent fully vaccinated. This sign can be self-protective, and getting vaccinated is a great way to protect oneself.


A senior man receives a COVID-19 vaccine booster from healthcare workers

Taurus is represented by the bull, so people who fall under this sign can be a bit bull-headed, for better or worse. Over half of them—56 percent—are fully vaccinated, at least in Salt Lake County.

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woman looking at shot being prepared

Geminis are known for their duality. That could be why about half of them have gotten the vaccine and half of them have not. They're currently just behind Taurus with 55 percent fully vaccinated.


A woman receiving her COVID-19 vaccine shot from a healthcare worker wearing PPE.

Notoriously indecisive, many Libras may not have made up their minds about the COVID vaccine, even though it's been proven safe and effective. As it stands, this sign is 54 percent vaccinated.


Man getting COVID vaccine

Pisces are thought to be sensitive and compassionate, but in Salt Lake County, they appear pretty mixed on the COVID shot, with 51 percent vaccinated.

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Over 65 man getting the COVID vaccine

The Capricorns are hot on Pisces' tail, with 51 percent. This sign tends to be organized and practical, so it's a surprise that more of them haven't made their appointments.


a woman receives COVID vaccine
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Known for being sensible perfectionists, Virgos probably won't love discovering that they're just 50 percent vaccinated, based on this data.


female doctor giving a Covid-19 vaccine to a young woman.

At 46 percent fully vaccinated, Scorpio is the only sign that falls below the 50 percent mark in terms of their vaccination status. Scorpios are thought to be loyal trendsetters—how will they feel about being at the bottom of the pack?

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