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The Most Ungrateful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These zodiac signs definitely won't give you a thank you, even if you deserve one.

If you're looking for a "thank you," you won't find one here. Maybe it's your boss who won't acknowledge your hard work or your friend who doesn't even send a text when you send birthday flowers—according to astrologers, these selfish people may all have their horoscopes in common. Read on to discover the six most ungrateful zodiac signs, from a bit thoughtless to perpetually thankless.

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If a Pisces seems unappreciative, they probably don't mean to be. This water sign can get so caught up in their own feelings and daydreams that they lose sight of all they have to be grateful for.

"Pisces are ruled by Neptune, the planet of dissolution, fantasy, and illusion," explains celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas. This behavior can cause them to get "overwhelmed by their own desires and consumed by their obsessions," he adds.

But as Sophie Won, CEO and founder of the Reha app, notes, "Pisces have the biggest hearts for empathy." So, try not to take it personally.


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"Leo is ruled by the Sun which, in astrology, represents the ego," explains forensic astrologer Valerie Evans. They love having fun and socializing, but the problem comes into play when the world isn't revolving around them, so to speak.

If they're the center of attention—say, receiving an award or an extra-special gift—they'll be very thankful and sincere. But, likely, they won't notice the little things you do in life behind the scenes.

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This sign is too focused on achieving perfection to be appreciative. "Virgos might have everything going for them in life and still feel like it's simply not good enough," explains Won.

And since they're so type-A, Virgos are reluctant to ever ask for help. "They feel like no one can do anything better than they can and find fault with pretty much everyone," shares professional astrologer Stina Garbis. "They have a hard time being grateful because they feel at their core that they are better than everyone else and that everyone should be grateful for them instead."


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Capricorns are known for being hyper-focused on work, which means they can care more about their jobs than the people around them. As Won explains, enough is never enough, "which can give them a bit of a reputation for not being so grateful for all that they do achieve."

They also believe that no one can work quite as hard as them, so they probably won't notice what you're doing even if you're keeping the same hours.

"Capricorn, ruled by restrictive Saturn, can be very selfish and also can take an attitude of being holier than thou," Garbis warns. "They like to take all the credit and rarely show gratitude to the people that put them in high places."

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Aries are born to lead, but that can cause these passionate, energetic people to leave those around them feeling taken for granted. "They may have a hard time being grateful because they want to do everything on their own and not give anyone else credit," Garbis says.

Won adds that they also have an entitled, "the-world-owes-me" attitude. And it doesn't help that they're always on to the next project or great adventure.

"They don't stay in one place long enough to appreciate your good tidings," says Evans, who adds that they're especially oblivious "when throwing themselves into a cause."


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Scorpios are known for being mysterious and refusing to reveal how they feel. "They often take an ego-focused approach to life, ignoring what others offer and give unless it completely serves them," says Thomas.

This closed-off nature makes them inherently untrusting of others. Therefore, they're prone to being secretive and spiteful. According to Garbis, they have a glass-half-empty attitude and find it difficult to "see their blessings through their challenges."

And even if they decide to say thank you, it might not feel genuine. Evans says a Scorpio "wields its stinger unscrupulously and might seem ungrateful because of their teasing about your thoughtful gesture."

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