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The #1 Fashion Trend This Fall, According to Pinterest

There's one pair of pants you need to have in your closet.

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Each year, the arrival of fall brings a bevy of new fashion trends. In 2022, we were clamoring over mini Uggs and bomber jackets; the year before that, it was all about chunky lug sole boots and leather blazers; and in 2020, baguette bags and ultra-mini mini skirts had their moment in the sun. This year, there's a new hottest trend in town. A recent study conducted by the fashion experts at Boohoo assessed data from Pinterest to identify the top-trending items you can expect to see everywhere as temperatures dip. Keep reading to find out what piece you'll want to add to your closet.

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Green cargo pants are the top fall fashion trend.

A young, stylish woman is walking down a city street wearing a white silk tank, sheer white long open shirt, green cargo pants, and white sneakers
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If you look at the data, the top-trending fall fashion item is green cargo pants; they saw a 168 percent increase in Pinterest searches over the past 30 days. According to Boohoo, they've been spotted on celebs such as Addison Rae, Hillary Duff, and Oprah, a testament to their versatility.

"Cargo pants have become increasingly popular as they are reminiscent of Y2K fashion, providing an element of nostalgia for people who wear them," writes the brand.

If you've been watching fashion trends at all recently, then you know that Y2K, the fashion from the turn of the century, is everywhere—as evidenced by the resurgence of baby tees, butterfly clips, straight- and wide-leg jeans, and velour tracksuits.

Sales data backs up the trend, too. According to Circana, which tracks retail purchases, sales of women's cargo pants increased 81 percent from January to May of 2023, writes USA Today. Plus, a pair of $11 high-waisted cargo pants was recently the top-seller for fast-fashion brand Shien, according to Business of Fashion. Accessible brands like Reformation, ASOS, Free People, and Abercrombie each sell versions of the pants, as do designer brands like The Attico, Nili Lotan, and DARKPARK.

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Here's how to style them.

Rejuvenated Trendy mature woman with short hair stands outdoors in city street wears youth clothing white shirt, jeans cargo pants, clutch. Urban style fashion, age and timeless beauty

If you're used to wearing blue denim day in and day out, then styling green cargo pants can seem like a challenge.

"They match perfectly with earthy tones and can be paired with a grey or brown sweatshirt," write the pros at Boohoo. "Match your green cargo pants with a plain white T-shirt for a simpler look." A denim jacket or earth-toned blazer in white, cream, or brown can go overtop to keep you warm.

You'll also want to consider the type of cargo pants you purchase. These pants come in all sorts of rises, from low to medium to high. If you plan to wear yours tailored for the office, try a mid- or high-rise. If you'd prefer to match them with a corset top or crop top for a night out, a low rise could be fun.

And remember: Cargo pants in other colors are also trending. If you feel more comfortable in a pair of denim cargos than green ones, they're a great way to dip your toe in the trend.

Then, there's the ultimate question: What type of shoes should I wear? The stylists at PopSugar suggest skipping boots for something lighter. "Lace-up Dr. Martens, knee-high riding boots, pointy-toe ankle boots—boots of any and all styles just end up looking super heavy when paired with pocket-adorned trousers," they write. Instead, try pointy heels, minimalist sneakers, strappy sandals, or slides.

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These clothing items are also trending.

Stylish chic senior woman in black leather jacket
Goodluz / Shutterstock

Green cargo pants weren't the only trending items this fall. Pinterest data showed that leather bomber jackets experienced a 129 percent increase in searches.

"Leather bomber jackets are timeless and look better with age, pairing with just about any outfit," they explain. "The leather bomber jacket has also seen a spike in popularity since last year's Top Gun: Maverick, where Tom Cruise donned his iconic Maverick ensemble."

Satin midi skirts saw a 127 percent increase. "Regular maxi skirts are an essential and timeless wardrobe staple and can be styled up or down, whereas a satin maxi skirt can elevate your look and appear more elegant," writes Boohoo. "Bronze, khaki, or brown satin maxi skirts are perfect for fall."

Last, there were flannel shirts, a perennial fall staple that increased 37 percent in Pinterest searches. There are new ways to style them each year: "Flannels match perfectly with green cargo pants and Uggs," writes Boohoo. "Hailey Bieber has been seen wearing a flannel shirt multiple times as an overshirt; this look pairs well with high-waist jeans."

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As well as these shoes.

Woman wearing trench coat sitting on staircase and tying shoelace on her ankle boot. Autumn fashion collection. Trendy black leather shoe. Street style
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The shoe department also saw some momentum. Searches for Chelsea boots increased 67 percent, with Boohoo calling out their versatility. Then, there were fur boots, which saw an 83 percent increase. "There are numerous styles of fur boots on the market, from ankle boots to calf-high and platform-style fur boots," writes the brand.

Sprinkle a few of these trends into your wardrobe, and you'll always look cozy and fashionable.

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