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6 Gorgeous Fall Color Combos to Wear, According to Stylists

Stylists say it's their favorite time of year to get dressed—and these are their top color picks.

Ask any personal stylist to tell you their favorite season for getting dressed, and they'll probably say fall. The shoulder season allows for chic layering, textured pieces, and outerwear that acts as an outfit in its own right (psst: no one can tell you're wearing sweatpants if you throw an ankle-length trench on top). Fall also allows for bold color combinations. While many fashionistas gravitate toward rich and warm colors that imitate the hues of the falling leaves, those aren't your only options. Read on to learn stylists' favorite colors to mix and match for fall, from bold statement hues to minimalist neutrals.

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Red and light blue

Closeup of red small bag in hand of woman. Fall spring fashion outfit red coat and trendy blue jeans

Red is a top-trending color this season—and it doesn't have to be scary to try!

Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist, suggests pairing it with chocolate brown or black. For example, wear a berry red dress with black boots, a black long-line wool coat, a black handbag, and back sunnies.

If you want to take your red in a bolder direction, match it with sky blue. "Try a berry red knitted dress with a silk neck scarf that has a sky or aqua blue print and a charcoal grey coat," says Barrett. It makes a statement without going overboard.

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Mustard and charcoal

Close up of a woman dressed in a dark gray sweater holding a mustard-yellow blanket and a mug
Iuliia Pilipeichenko / iStock

This fall color combination draws inspiration from foliage as well as the runway, where both colors are trending this year.

"Create an outfit in different textures like knitwear, satin, and leather in charcoal gray, and then team it with a large oversized mustard scarf," says Barrett. "Mustard also works really well with burgundy and moss green for a brighter outfit." To accomplish that look, pair a moss green dress with a mustard scarf and a burgundy wool coat.

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Chocolate and camel

Female hands holding a brown leather handbag wearing a camel-colored coat
Cozy Home / Shutterstock

This rich neutral color combo is always a classic. "Chocolate brown and camel is a seasonal staple, not to mention trend-proof and elevating," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Chocolate brown is also universally flattering to all skin tones, making this a winning pairing for all."

She recommends pairing a chocolate sweater dress with a brown suede corset belt and distressed brown engineer booties with a camel stadium coat. You'll look and feel so chic.

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Olive and denim

Close-up of a woman in a green coat and jeans sitting on the beach in winter
progressman / Shutterstock

This combo is a nod to the great outdoors—and will take you to every orchard adventure and wine-tasting tour you have on your calendar.

"Style an oversized olive green barn jacket with a skinny turtleneck base layer and classic bootleg cut jeans in light denim, dark wash, or white," says Kosich. "Accessorize with suede driving moccasins in a pop of color, then finish the look with a detachable faux fur collar for an unexpected touch of luxe."

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Navy and silver


Why wear black constantly when you can opt for navy? Kosich loves it with a splash of silver.

"Try a dark wash trouser jean, white shirting with a popped collar, and a navy peacoat, then accessorize with mirrored pumps, a silver clutch, and sparkly chandelier earrings," she says. "Pairing navy with silver metallic elevates denim and all other ho-hum wardrobe basics instantly." Plus, it's party-ready in a pinch.

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Black, white, and a pop

attractive young woman walking in autumn street wearing checkered coat, black hat
Maria Markevich / Shutterstock

Take this classic suiting color combination to the next level by adding something unexpected. "Try a houndstooth power suit for a statement look with accent colors of chartreuse or fuchsia as a base layer for a bright, high-drama look," says Kosich.

"Or, upgrade your corporate capsule with pinstripe suiting and lean into the season's silhouette with either an exaggerated wide-leg trouser and fitted blazer or an oversized boyfriend blazer and slim ankle crop pant," she suggests. Here, your pop can be a pastel base layer like mint, lilac, or ballet pink.

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