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"The View" Fans Are Outraged About Reruns—Here's When New Episodes Return

The hosts of the daily talk show are on their holiday break for the next couple of weeks.

If you were looking forward to hearing about all the "Hot Topics" that may arise over the last couple of weeks of 2023, you won't find any discussion about them on The View. The daytime talk show is now on hiatus, and as reported by The U.S. Sun, not everyone is happy for its six co-hosts to have some holiday time off. Some fans are upset that they'll have to wait for new episodes to air and will have to watch reruns in the meantime.

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The View's Christmas special aired on Friday, Dec. 15 and featured Darlene Love singing her classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on the show for the ninth year in a row. (Prior to her tenure on The View, Love performed the song on the Late Show with David Letterman over 20 times.) This was the series' last new episode of 2023. Beginning on Monday, Dec. 18, the show has been in reruns.

The U.S. Sun reported that some fans took to Reddit to express their frustration at the show going off-air for the remainder of the year. In a thread titled "Looks like The View is off this week…" a user wrote, "I figured we would get this week and then just off next week? Did they even announce this?" In response, one fan wrote, "They take off the last two weeks of the year. The Darlene Love show is always the finale."

Other Reddit users were bothered by the two-week break. "Yep just another week off like they just came off a long vacation they get way to much time off for what they make," wrote one fan. Another said, "I agree they take a lot of time off haha." Someone else added, "I wish they would have a JV squad or something to come in when all the hosts all go on vacation. But I suppose the crew needs a vacation, too." There were other fans who defended the show's hosts and crew taking time off. "It's the holidays. Calm the [expletive] down," wrote one user.

Some viewers expressed that they wished the series would fill the gap with something other than full reruns. "Watching them discuss old news has me immediately switching channels. Maybe just put together clips of guests for the show instead of showing the hot topics section?" wrote a Reddit user. Another posted, "I wish they would re-run the older shows, not from this season, but back in the first few seasons before they became the majority hot topics."

A press release from ABC explains that The View will air reruns during its usual time slot—weekdays at 11 a.m.—from Monday, Dec. 18 to Friday, Dec. 29 with the exception of Christmas Day, Dec. 25. All except one rerun—the Dec. 18 one—will be episodes that originally aired in November and in early December. Guests on the re-airing episodes include Cynthia Nixon, Tyler Perry, Hillary Clinton, Gladys Knight, and Kenan Thompson.

But viewers won't have to wait much longer for new shows. With Monday, Jan. 1 being New Year's Day, new episodes of The View will begin airing on Jan. 2, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

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