The Best Reactions Yet to the New iPhone's Big New Price Tag

The most advanced iPhone ever is retailing for $999.

This week Tim Cook announced the arrival of the new iPhone X at Apple's yearly corporate extravaganza, noting that the latest iteration will have the biggest screen yet, it will have crazy resolution (the screen will contain 2.7 million pixels), it will have more computing power than ever, and it will include the much-discussed facial recognition technology in place of the usual home button. He also mentioned that the "iPhone Ten" will retail for a cool $999.

Yes, that makes it the most expensive iPhone to date, a detail not lost on the Internet. In fact, Apple customers are having a field day with it.

After all, there's a lot you can spend $1G on, including flights:

Or every single item on the menu at one of your favorite restaurants:

Our personal favorite:

Yes, even the official account for the much-awaited Kingsman sequel got into the game:

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