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If You Bought This at Costco, Destroy It, Authorities Say

This product's defect poses a serious risk to users.

Costco is one of the most reliable standbys for getting everything you need, from a jumbo-sized bag of candy to swimming gear. Although the company is usually a trustworthy spot, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) just announced that one Costco product has been recalled. The recall comes after multiple reports of the product's dangerous defect. With that in mind, authorities don't just want you to stop using this item—they're asking that you destroy it. Read on to make sure you don't have this risky product at home.

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A snorkel has been recalled due to drowning risks.

Recalled snorkel from Costco

Snorkels are meant to help you breathe underwater, allowing you to get a longer look at all the beautiful sea creatures beneath the waves. However, one snorkel has been recalled because it doesn't work properly and can lead to drowning. According to the CPSC's announcement, Huish Outdoors just recalled the oceanic adult dry top snorkel, which was exclusively sold at Costco. "The bottom purge valve on the recalled snorkels can leak, allowing unexpected water entry, posing a drowning hazard," the announcement explains.

Oceanic Worldwide also issued its own statement saying, "Oceanic has recently become aware that the snorkel included in the 2021 Oceanic snorkeling set and sold through Costco, may not deliver all the performances expected. In some instances, the snorkel's lower purge valve may let in water during use."

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If you have one of these snorkels, stop using it and destroy it.

Snorkel materials

If you have one of these recalled snorkels, you're urged to stop using it immediately, per the announcement. The company will replace your snorkel with a safe one if you fill out the form on its website. Additionally, the company asks that you destroy the product to ensure that no one uses the dangerous product. Oceanic directs you to destroy the product "by cutting the grey flexible tube so that it can no longer be used."

At least 13 people have reported that the snorkel let water in.


The recall comes after the company received multiple reports of defective products. According to the CPSC announcement, at least 13 reports were submitted saying the snorkel let water in, which poses a drowning risk. Only one incident resulted in an injury. A customer reported that they tripped after the snorkel leaked, which led to minor cuts.

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Other items that came in the snorkeling set are still safe to use.

Swimming goggles

The recalled snorkels are white and gray with blue plastic at the top and bottom. The product is about 16.5 inches long, and the affected batches have a specific four-digit number located above the flexible gray tubing. A list of the affected batches can be found in the announcement. The recall affects about 76,000 products. According to Oceanic, the other products in the snorkel set, including the mask and fins, are still safe to use.

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