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The 5 Most Slimming Colors That Aren't Black, Stylists Say

Bet you didn't think red would be on this list—but fashion experts say it can be very flattering.

We all want to look and feel our best. We want the makeup that best suits our skin tone, the hairstyle that best frames our face, and the clothing that best accentuates our shape. When it comes to our figure, one of the most important things to look for is a garment's color. Sure, black is known for being almost universally flattering—and slimming, at that—but you don't have to stick to the somber hue to achieve an incredible end result. Here, personal stylists tell us the most slimming colors that aren't black. Read on for their recommendations.

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The Most Slimming Colors That Aren't Black

1. Emerald Green

Young Woman Wearing Green
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Slimming colors aren't always neutrals. Jewel-tone green can create the same effect.

"Emerald draws attention to itself and can create a focal point that takes attention away from other areas of the body," says Sofie Mahlkvist, stylist and trend forecaster.

Plus, the shade complements a range of skin tones (if you have green eyes, too, you should add it to your wardrobe pronto).

"A favorite way for me to style it is a tailored emerald green blazer or wear a dress in this color to create a streamlined silhouette that accentuates the curves in all the right places," Mahlkvist shares. "Pairing emerald green with other neutral colors, such as black, white, or gray, can also create a slimming effect."

You can team it with complementary colors such as burgundy, navy, and gold for an even richer result.

2. Red

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You might assume that bright, bold colors can't be slimming, but stylists say that's not the case.

"Neither cool nor warm, true red is a power neutral that embodies the same neutrality, versatility, and slimming benefits as black, but with more pep and vigor," says Elizabeth Kosich, personal stylist at Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "It's a statement-making look that won't soon be forgotten, whereas the same in black would present as blah and basic."

"Try a monochromatic true red wrap dress that flatters, flaunts, and elongates for a slimming, showstopping effect," Kosich adds. This color looks just as stylish in the boardroom as it would at a cocktail party.

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3. Navy

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Most of the stylists we consulted named navy blue the next-most slimming color after black. The deep hue is flattering on all skin tones and works for both formal and casual situations.

"One of my favorite ways to style a dress that is navy blue is by pairing it with a pink trench coat for a pop of color and some contrast," says Kristin Cruz, a personal stylist who specializes in photoshoot attire. "A vertical black and white striped shirt paired with navy blue slacks is slimming and a great combo as well."

It's classic, polished, and peppier than black without requiring much more effort.

4. Chocolate

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If you've never considered this deep, dark neutral before, now is the time to give it a try.

"Chocolate is compatible with all skin tones and typically connects to one of our three most dominant traits—hair, skin, or eyes," says Kosich. "It's also not as heavy as black, and so has a livening effect where the wearer is lifted, brightened, and the star of the show."

Kosich loves this color on suiting, but it also works great on other garments. For cocktail or office attire, try a long chocolate sheath with black heels.

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5. Bright Pink

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Pink is heavily trending this year, and lucky for everyone, it's also slimming.

"If you are ready to make a bold move, embrace a hot fuchsia," says Ashley Full, personal stylist and co-founder of the plus size fashion destination AMOUR781. "You can use bold pinks to mix and match colors and patterns that give you a slimming look because the bold patterns and colors create an illusion to the eye in a sophisticated way."

Try a striped button-up, floral dress, or dotted skirt to have fun with the hue.

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