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Mom's Hilarious Response to Teenage Daughter Who Can't Handle Robot Baby Goes Viral

Spoiler alert: She made it less than two days!

It's probably the understatement of the year to say that being the parent of a newborn is hard work. You still have to take care of your household and hold down a job while working around the clock to ensure the health and safety of your new bundle of joy. Between the diaper changes and the 3 a.m. feedings, you're constantly exhausted. In fact, research has shown that the average parent gets under five hours of sleep during the first year of their newborn's life. And a recent study claims that it takes up to six years to recover from all that sleep deprivation.

And that's probably why this hilarious Facebook post from mom-of-four Lawren Cole Galloway is going viral. In her Early Childhood Education Class at school, Galloway's 14-year-old daughter, Olivia, was recently given an interactive robot baby doll—the kind that eats, drinks, cries, and goes potty—named William. 

It took less than two days for Olivia to want to throw in the towel, and William is not even a real baby!

"She is absolutely exhausted and ready to quit the class and give William back," Galloway wrote. "My favorite moment so far is when she came into my room last night around 3 a.m. She was crying real tears while feeding him his bottle. She was begging me to help her because she just wanted to get some sleep."

How did Galloway respond? "Yeah, no."

Both the story and the photos that Galloway posted of her daughter's parenting plight have gone massively viral, gaining over 126,000 shares in under two weeks.

And before you think Galloway is reveling in her daughter's misery, consider the fact that Galloway also recently welcomed a one-month-old little girl named Violet into the family. So it makes a lot of sense that her response to her 14-year-old daughter's struggle with a robot baby was, "My hands are full. This is your grade, not mine," as she told BuzzFeed.

Despite her struggles, Galloway feels like Olivia still doesn't even know the half of it.

"[Baby William] cries for its bottle, cries to be burped, rocked, and for a diaper change," Galloway said. "[But] there's no chance of a blowout diaper, spit up, or diaper rash. No fevers. No sickness. And, hey, she didn't have to nurse, buy formula, diapers, wipes or any other essentials. She's still clueless, but maybe just a bit more educated."

Olivia didn't do so well on the assignment, getting an overall 65 percent. But while she may have failed, it sounds like she definitely learned her lesson. Most of the people who commented on Galloway's post believe that Olivia's assignment should be mandatory in all schools, as it helps teens understand just how hard having a baby really is. And if you've got your hands full at home with a non-robot baby, check out these 40 Parenting Hacks for Raising an Amazing Kid.

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