These Are the Best Parenting Moments of 2018

The sweetest, funniest, bravest stories from everyday parents and celebs alike.

Any mom or dad can tell you that the journey of parenthood is one full of highs and lows, of heartbreak and triumph. And now that we think of it, that's exactly what 2018 was like as a year. The past 12 months have brought us moments that made us shed a tear (remember that Chrissy Teigan post about her postpartum body?) and laugh until we cry (who could forget the viral video of one tiny tot repeatedly asking Alexa to play the hit song "Baby Shark"?). It was a year worth looking back on, which is why we rounded up the most viral parenting moments of 2018 that made us laugh, cry, and everything in between. And for more amazing stories that delve into the world of parenthood, see these 27 Signs Your Children Are Terribly Spoiled.

That time a Wisconsin toddler couldn't get Alexa to play

baby shark - best parenting moments
"Baby Shark"

If you're the parent of a toddler, you've probably heard the viral YouTube hit "Baby Shark," by Pinkfong. In fact, you might have heard it one million times, or possibly even one million times in a row. But no toddler loves the catchy tune as much as two-year-old Zoe Turner from Wisconsin. Little Zoe captured the Internet's heart in October when she couldn't get Alexa to play her favorite jam.

Zoe's mom struggled to hold back her laughter as her daughter grew increasingly frustrated with Alexa for failing to recognize her song request. Finally, the little girl's mom (successfully) requested the song herself—drawing a big smile, and an adorable dance, from Zoe. You'll also want to laugh along with these 30 Hilarious Tweets Every Parent Can Relate To. 

That time Khloe Kardashian threw an over-the-top cupcake party

kardashian cupcake party

If the Kardashians know how to do anything, it's throwing a seriously photogenic event. And that's exactly what happened for baby True's half-birthday in October, when Khloe Kardashian threw a very adorable—and very Instagrammable—"cousin cupcake" party.

True, decked out in a silver bow and a sparkling tutu, enjoyed a sprinkle-covered cake and pink cupcakes. Also in attendance were True's cousins, Kylie's baby, Stormi, Rob's one-year-old daughter, Dream, and Kim's two children, Chicago and Saint. And in true Kardashian fashion, the cute picnic spread was more impressive than most sweet 16s. For more parenting tips from the stars, read the 30 Funniest Pieces of Celebrity Parenting Advice. 

That time a dad sang to his three-year-old daughter while evacuating the Camp Fire

camp fire escape video
Whitney Allen/facebook

File this under "viral videos that will make you cry." When devastating fires tore through Paradise, California, this fall, one dad showed off his parenting skills as he drove his three-year-old daughter, Olivia, through the flames.

As the pair made their way down a flame-lined road, Joe Allen sang "We're gonna be all right" to calm his toddler. When the duo arrived safely through the fire, he declared, "We did it together"—and viewers everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief.

That time one daddy-daughter duet went viral

dad daughter duet sing

What's cuter than a dad and his little girl lip-syncing together? Not much, at least if you feast your eyes on the adorable duet that went viral this fall.

Trina Wesson of Oregon, posted a video of her two-year-old daughter Myla singing along to Maroon 5's hit "Girls Like You" with her dad in October. Both wrapped up in towels and fresh out of the bath, the crooners snuggled while mouthing the words to the popular tune. Make sure to watch Myla's little "ohhh" in Adam Levine's style. It's the cutest part!

Beyonce and Jay-Z share a rare photo of their twins

Beyonce power pose wonder woman pose

We can always count on Beyonce and Jay-Z for a viral moment, especially when it comes to pictures of their kids. In keeping with last year's internet-breaking photos of Beyonce's baby bump—and a single snapshot of her twins when they were just a month old—the singer made waves when she finally shared photos of Rumi and Sir Carter on her website,, this summer on a European getaway aboard the family's yacht.

That time one mom launched the Free Hugs Movement for LGBTQ youth


An Oklahoma mom, Sara Cunningham, shared an inspiring story of acceptance during this year's Pride season. Cunningham admitted that she initially had trouble understanding her gay son's sexuality, especially due to her religious faith.

But once she had a change of heart, Cunningham launched the Free Mom Hugs movement: a collection of moms who go to Pride parades and other events to give some love to LGBTQ youth (and adults) who have struggled with a lack of family acceptance. Loneliness is common among members of the LGBTQ community who have been ostracized or rejected by their families, and Cunningham wants to bring a little "mom hug" back into their lives.

That time one Minnesota mom saved her husband's life just before giving birth

If you're wondering what a true hero looks like, Ashley Goette of Minnesota certainly qualifies. At 39 weeks pregnant, the new mom watched in horror as her husband Andrew Goette went into cardiac arrest and started to have trouble breathing. She performed CPR and called for emergency services, telling the dispatcher, "I'm pregnant, I can't do this!"

But she could—and she did. After arriving at the hospital, Andrew was put into a medically induced coma. Fortunately, he was able to watch the birth of his newborn via FaceTime from the ICU. The whole family is now safe at home, and Goette has earned her status as a true supermom.

That time the kindness of strangers saved one mom's trip with toddlers

Becca Kinsey/facebook

Any parent who's traveled with kids knows that it can be an absolute nightmare (to put it mildly!). That's why Becca Kinsey was expecting the worst when she boarded a plane with her two kids, ages five and two. But instead, she got a lesson in human kindness and giving back.

During a tantrum, other moms saw Kinsey's struggle and stepped up to the plate. Two moms helped Kinsey through security and let her jump ahead of them in line, and another held Kinsey's younger son while Kinsey got a much-needed break.

Kinsey used the viral moment to give back herself, asking viewers to donate to Kidd's Kids, a charity for children with life-threatening illnesses.

That time on dad demanded more diaper changing tables in men's restrooms


Despite a great deal of progress, moms are often still assumed to be the primary caregivers for today's kids. Donte Palmer, a 31-year-old dad from St. Augustine, Florida, wants to change that. His viral photo of what he calls a "deep man squat," with his one-year-old son draped over his lap for a diaper change, showcased the need for more diaper-changing tables in public men's restrooms.

Palmer shared that he wants to live in a world where gender discrimination is abolished, and that the lack of resources for active fathers makes it that much harder for moms and dads to step up to the plate equally.

That time one father-daughter duo took their wedding dance to the next level

There have been a lot of memorable father-daughter dances in recent history, but this one between Chrissy Mitchell and her father, Tim Lesak, of Illinois, might take the cake. For Chrissy's wedding, the pair roller skated to Freestyle's "Don't Stop the Rock" during their dance.

Even though the duo was just freestyling it themselves, they had a lifetime of practice. Lesak taught his daughter to skate while she was growing up, and the pair has always been a freestyling musical duo on wheels. The wedding dance, they both say, is a beautiful memory they'll never forget.

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