Video Shows Snake Breeder Hugging Giant Python, Calling it "Amazing Friend," Shocking Viewers

Apparently snakes need love too.

Snakes aren't generally considered the most cuddly creatures in the world, but one man is trying to show their softer side. Jay Brewer is a snake breeder and zookeeper in California, who holds a deep affection and appreciation for the slithery reptiles. In videos posted on his Instagram account, Brewer handles the snakes with ease and even, in one video that has gone viral, gives a reticulated python a hug. "After years of breeding reticulated pythons, they are tamed and make amazing friends," he says.   

Cuddly Critter


Brewer is the owner of pet store Prehistoric Pets. In the video, he is showing off the python and its beautiful coloring, which he likens to a rainbow. He also explains that the snake is genetically bred to be docile. "Omg that is just gorgeous 😍you certainly have some incredible snakes," says a commenter. "What are they like to handle. I watched a programme about python and they were saying they are very aggressive but I love them so much 🤩🤩" Watch the video here and keep scrolling to see more videos.

Big and Beautiful


In another video, Brewer is seen handling a gigantic python measuring over 21 feet long. "Big beautiful black reticulated python and she is ready to start her plans to multiply and that means that she will not eat for up to six months," he says. "Laying as many as 75 eggs is a lot of work and it's such a good thing she in great health all 21 +feet of her beauty 😍."

Mama Snake


Brewer is repeatedly lunged at by a snake protecting her eggs in yet another heart-stopping video. "I think Lukas is ready to take my job 😂," he captions the video. "And momma python is ready to train him 😱 she is a wonderful mom doing what she believes is best but it's hard to beat a incubator for an Exponentially better success rate. These reticulated python eggs are one of the longest incubation periods of all pythons 76 to 91 days only rivaled by an African rock at 100 days."

Praying Mantis Attack


Not all the animals Brewer handles are docile—one video shows a large Praying Mantis latching on to Brewer and biting him. "It got my finger! Ow!" he exclaims. "It actually hurts!" Brewer's fans seem to enjoy the video, with one saying, "Why eat a cricket when I can chow down on those big juicy fingers? 😂"

Raising Snakes


Another terrifying video shows Brewer and a coworker handling a giant snake that he raised from a baby. "Fun on a Friday 😂 you can have fun every day just find what you love and make it your your life 🙌That way you will always look forward to tomorrow and what it brings 🙌🙌 This is one big snake and to think she use to be small enough to fit in my pocket wow😱 #livingthedream ," he captions the video. 

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