See Jennifer Aniston's Adorable "Bring Your Dog to Work" Day Photo

The actor had some fun company on set as she films The Morning Show Season 2.

It's safe to say that most jobs don't allow employees to bring in their pets. But bringing your dog to work is an option for Jennifer Aniston. On Monday, Aniston posted a photo on her Instagram Story of her dog, Clyde, on the set of her series The Morning Show, captioning the pic, "Bring Clyde to work day." And Aniston's dog gets the star treatment when he's around.

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Aniston has three dogs, but Clyde was the lucky one to head to set recently.

Jennifer Aniston's dog Clyde riding in a golf cart on "The Morning Show" set
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Aniston is currently shooting the second season of The Morning Show. Season 1 of the Apple TV+ series was released at the end of 2019, but filming of Season 2 was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As she gets back into the swing of things, Clyde joined his mom on set. He's one of Aniston's three dogs. She also has Sophie and Lord Chesterfield, the latter of whom joined her family as a puppy six months ago. Lord Chesterfield seems to be more into working out than going to work like Clyde, who got to ride around with his mom on a golf cart.

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Clyde has accompanied Aniston to work before.

Jennifer Aniston walking her dog Clyde
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

This wasn't the first time Aniston celebrated "bring Clyde to work day." In Nov. 2019, she posted two photos of herself with her dog—one of them walking and one where they appear to be in a car—and captioned the post, "Girl's best friend… bring Clyde to work day."

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Aniston shared another behind-the-scenes photo from set, too.

Jennifer Aniston on the set of "The Morning Show"
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

In addition to the picture of Clyde at work, Aniston also shared a photo of herself during a long day at the (fake) office. "And it's only Monday," she captioned the Instagram post that shows her trying to relax in a conference room.

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Her co-star recently had a "bring your dog to work" day, too.

Reese Witherspoon and her dog Minnie Pearl
Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

Aniston's Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon recently brought her dog to work, as well. Witherspoon was photographed on set with her French Bulldog named Minnie Pearl. Witherspoon brought home Minnie in Nov. 2020, after losing her dog Pepper in October. In January, she also welcomed a Labrador puppy named Major. Witherspoon shares plenty of pictures of both of them on Instagram.

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