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Here's the Netflix "Dogs" Trailer That's Making Everyone Cry

PSA: Keep tissues handy.

This week, Netflix dropped the trailer to "Dogs," a new docu-series that will explore the unconditional love between humans and their best friends through six unique stories.

The series, which airs on November 16, is already giving people on social media a lot of feelings.

After all, in these dark times, dogs are what remind us that there is still so much good in this world.

Though we're all feeling a little bit nervous about their storylines.

The first episode will deal with an 11-year-old girl who suffers seizures whose life changes entirely when she meets Rory, a pup trained to deal with her disability. "This episode highlights the depths of a closely formed friendship between a child and their dog, the unbreakable trust they have in each other and the incredible power of a dog's ability to assist humans in health and wellness," Netlflix said in a release.

The second episode follows the quest of one Syrian refugee to get his dog, Zeus, out of the war-torn country. In the third episode, an Italian fisherman shows how his 10-year-old labrador retriever, Ice, helps out with the family business. The fourth episode takes place in Japan, where dog grooming is a celebrated craft. The fifth episode takes us inside Territorio de Zeguates, a dog sanctuary in the Costa Rican rain forest. And the sixth episode shines on a spotlight on the thousands of rescues in New York City and the adoption ecosystem in place.

While each episode deals with very different facets of the human-canine bond, they're all an ode to the immense impact they can have on our lives.

"I think we're just scraping the surface of what dogs can really do," one man says in the video.

And it's true. Research has shown that dogs provide a variety of incredible health benefits, lowering stress and cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, boosting your self-esteem and overall sense of happiness, and even helping you overcome addictions like smoking. Dogs can also detect serious illnesses long before your doctor does, and one recent study found they can even be trained to sniff out malaria and prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

On an emotional level, the unconditional love and loyalty that they provide is incomparable, and people who say dogs only "love you because you feed them" clearly haven't read about the dog who saved his owner from a rattelsnake or the very good boy who waits at a train station for 12 hours a day for his human to come home. As any dog-owner knows, dogs love you because they love you, and they expect nothing in return.

And if you're interested in why dogs love humans as much as they do, read this fascinating study about the evolution of the canine-human bond.

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