Tillamook Ice Cream Pints Recalled, FDA Warns

You'll want to check your freezer after a serious mix-up.

Texas Pete Is Recalling Wing Sauce, FDA Warns

A manufacturing mix-up could put some people's health at risk.

Tina Turner Wished She'd Managed Health Issues

The iconic singer had spoken out about her high blood pressure and kidney failure.

"Brain-Eating Amoeba" Cases Reported in More States

A new case report says the dangerous microorganism is on the move due to climate change.

Shopper Claims CVS Gave Her the Wrong Medicine

But the drugstore chain is denying that there was a prescription mix-up.

Salmonella Outbreak Is Worse Than Reported

The agency warns that more people have been infected with salmonellosis than we know.

OTC Cold Medicine Recalled After Product Mix-Up

Officials say the mishap could lead to "serious adverse events."

Allergy and Cold Medications Recalled

Four different varieties were pulled, according to the U.S. CPSC.

CDC Warns of "Highly Contagious" Skin Infection

This ringworm is likely to be resistant to normal types of treatment.

Condiment Sold at Walmart Recalled

This brand of tahini sauce was recalled for the same problem last summer.

Why Jamie Foxx Is Still in the Hospital

The actor is still recovering nearly a month after his mystery medical condition.

Lay's Potato Chips Recalled Over Health Concerns

The snack company is pulling one of its most popular products.

Gold Medal Flour Recalled Over Salmonella

Affected bags of the kitchen staple could pose a serious health risk to consumers.

Multiple Supplements Recalled, FDA Warns

These products could create a potential health risk for consumers.

Drugstores Are Closing Locations

Rite Aid recently shuttered a handful of stores as well.

Over 80 Prescription and OTC Meds Recalled

The agency's latest notice affects a wide range of medicinal products.

Yogurt Sold at Costco Recalled, FDA Warns

Certain consumers could be at risk if they eat the affected product.

CVS Accused of "Lying" About Prescriptions

Lawmakers claim that the drugstore chain isn't being honest about 90-day prescriptions.

Vitamins Recalled Due to Health Concerns

The daily supplement pills could put certain people at serious risk.

Taking Care of Your Bones Can Help Prevent Dementia

An orthopedic surgeon shares her best tips for keeping bones strong.