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Kristen Bell Says This Is the "Most Annoying" Thing About Dax Shepard

Even this Hollywood couple can get annoyed with each other from time to time.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of Hollywood's most candid couples, often sharing intimate details of their life together during interviews or embarrassing videos of one another on social media. However, like any couple, they also have their fair share of challenges. During a recent interview, Bell admitted the thing she finds most annoying about her husband. To find out how Shepard really gets under Bell's skin, read on, and to see what your favorite celeb couple looked like early on, check out 18 Photos of Celebrity Couples When They First Got Together.

On Dec. 15, Bell was a guest on the inaugural episode of the podcast The Backstory With Jason Bentley. After commending Bell for being open about her marriage and her battle with anxiety and depression, host Jason Bentley went on to ask her what she feels she gains from being open.

"Peace of mind with my own authenticity, I think is the best way to describe it," she responded, before launching into the backstory as to how she came to share so much about her life with fans.

"This is what I say is the most annoying part about my husband. He's almost always right, and when I say almost always, I mean like really almost always. It's so annoying," Bell said.

The actor then described a discussion she had with Shepard before going on Off Camera With Sam Jones in 2016. Bell told Shepard she felt like she had nothing new to share, and he suggested she talk about her experience with anxiety and depression. After a moment, she realized she hadn't yet revealed that aspect of her life with the public. "I realized I had been presenting this like, bubbly individual, and it just wasn't the full story," Bell said. "I felt this sickening wave of fraudulence and inauthenticity, and I went on, and I brought it up."

After Bell shared her experience on Off Camera, her openness about her mental health issues has become something she's known for, proving that Shepard is, in fact, always right.

That moment wasn't the only time this duo proved they have staying power. Here are some more iconic moments from Bell and Shepard, and for more on Bell's younger days, check out The Biggest '00s TV Teen Idols, Then and Now.

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When Bell and Shepard created a music video for "Africa"

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard "Africa" video
Dan Shepard/YouTube

Bell and Shepard created their own music video for Toto's "Africa," which features the couple in Africa, singing and dancing along to the lyrics, going on a safari, and Shepard taking a bath. The actor uploaded the video to YouTube with the caption, "This was our last trip before having kids. Our sole objective was to rage hard and honor Toto properly." And for more up-to-date celebrity news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

When Shepard surprised Bell with a sloth

Kristen Bell surprised about sloth
Ellen/A Very Good Production/YouTube

For Bell's birthday in 2012, Shepard went above and beyond by surprising Bell, a true sloth lover, with a visit from one of the cuddly creatures. A video recorded by Shepard, which Bell shared on Ellen, shows her sobbing from excitement before she even saw the sloth. Bell just said she could sense the sloth was nearby and was immediately overcome by emotions. And to see which beloved couples aren't hitched, check out 16 Celebrity Couples You Didn't Realize Aren't Married.

When they took on a spicy chocolate challenge together

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spicy chocolate

For another one of Bell's birthdays, Shepard posted a video of the pair after they had just eaten spicy chocolate. They look visibly uncomfortable with red faces and uncontrollable burps, but they continue to make each other laugh through the pain. "I've been with you on a third of your ride, and I hope I'm lucky enough to burp/throw-up/suffer/thrive with you for all the rest. Best Mom, best wife, best friend, longest storyteller. You're everything to me and more," Shepard wrote with the video. To see which couple was the most popular the year you graduated, check out This Was the Biggest Celebrity Couple the Year You Graduated.

When they wore matching outfits to the Game of Thrones premiere

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard at "Game of Thrones" premiere

The couple has not been shy about their Game of Thrones obsession, but in 2016 at the Season 6 premiere of the show, they took it to the next level. Bell and Shepard wore matching tank tops that said "Stark in the streets, Wildling in the sheets" while everyone else was in their finest suits and dresses. To really amp up their look, the couple also wore temporary tattoos that said "Ours is the Fury" and "Winter is Coming." To see other Hollywood couples with staying power, check out 20 Long-Term Celebrity Couples You Totally Forgot Are Still Together.

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