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Here's Your First Look at Kobe Bryant's Daughter's Modeling Debut

She just shared her first photoshoot on Instagram.

Celebrity kids tend to fall into two camps: they either want a life outside of the spotlight or they're looking to carve out a space for themselves in the entertainment industry, separate from their famous parents—after all, it's in their genes. While some children of stars become actors, athletes, or musicians, an increasing number of them are trying their hands at modeling. And the latest celebrity child to make their modeling debut is Vanessa Bryant and late basketball star Kobe Bryant's daughter, Natalia Bryant. This weekend, Natalia, who recently turned 18, shared images of her first photoshoot as a professional model on Instagram. Read on to get your first look at her modeling debut, and for more on celebrity children who are all grown up, Here's What Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Looks Like Now.

Natalia Bryant shared a few photos from her first photoshoot.

Natalia Bryant modeling behind-the-scenes

On Mar. 6, Natalia shared a behind-the-scenes look from her first photoshoot, tagging photographer and director Mason Poole, who has also worked with big names like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

In the photoshoot, Natalia can be seen wearing neutral tans and beige tones with her hair straightened and slicked back. And in the other photos and videos she posted, Natalia is in a different outfit—a black slip dress with an animal print coat. "Had so much fun today," she captioned one photo. And for more celebrity children-turned-models, see how much Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Looks Just Like Her in New Ads.

Vanessa Bryant said Kobe would have been "happy" about Natalia's career choice.

Natalia Bryant on her first photoshoot
Vanessa Bryant / Instagram

It's clear that Vanessa Bryant is a proud mother, commenting on her daughter's modeling career by sharing a photo of Natalia on her own Instagram. "My baby (with makeup)," Vanessa wrote in her caption. "Daddy would be so happy that you're pursuing your modeling career now that you're 18. You're beautiful inside and out. Beautiful with makeup and without makeup. We love you." And for more on young stars, find out How Mary-Kate & Ashley Stopped Elizabeth Olsen From Being a Child Star.

Natalia was signed by IMG Models in February.

Natalia Bryant on her first photoshoot
Natalia Bryant / Instagram

This is the first photoshoot Natalia has shared since signing with IMG Models in February, the modeling agency that counts major names such as Gigi Hadid and Brooke Shields as clients.

IMG Models shared an Instagram photo of Natalia on Feb. 8, announcing that they were now representing the 18 year old. In the caption, they also included a quote from Natalia. "I have always been interested in fashion since a very young age. I have a love for the industry and ever since I can remember I wanted to model. There is a lot to learn but I feel this is a great opportunity for me to learn and express myself creatively," she said in her statement. And for more up-to-date celebrity news, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Vanessa said she's "extremely proud" of how Natalia's handled the family's tragedy.

Vanessa Bryant Kobe Bryant and daughters

The Bryant family faced a terrible tragedy last year when both Kobe and 13-year-old Gianna Bryant, one of Natalia's younger sisters, were killed in a helicopter crash in Jan. 2020. And now more than a year later, Vanessa has opened up about how Natalia has handled the loss. "I'm extremely proud of Natalia," Vanessa told People magazine earlier this month. "On top of her own grief, she has balanced her senior year of high school, applying to colleges, nurturing her sisters, and just recently signing her own modeling contract with IMG. She is a wonderful big sister and an incredible daughter." And for more on the Bryant family, Vanessa Bryant Shared a Moving Letter on the Anniversary of Gianna's Death.

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