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"Game of Thrones" Fans Are Seriously Questioning Jon Snow After Last Night's Episode

He does not deserve the Iron Throne.

As Game of Thrones fans, we've been subjected to so much despair throughout the HBO series that we thought our hearts could handle anything. But, on the May 5th episode, things went one step too far.

Now, before we go any further, be forewarned that there are spoilers ahead.

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With the Battle of Winterfell over, Jon Snow left his home for Kings Landing in order to wage war against Cersei. He said goodbye to several humans, but let his loyal direwolf, Ghost, just stare at him sadly before riding away. No pat on the head, no belly rub, not even a cursory, "You're a good dog." Nothing.

Needles to say, fans are not pleased with Jon Snow.

We've grown accustomed to a certain amount of suffering, but this takes the biscuit.

Sure, Jon Snow has made a lot of questionable moves, but this is the worst thing he's done by far.

We thought this was a show about the ruthless pursuit of power, not a dark version of Air Bud!

Ghost has stuck with this hapless hero through thick and thin, and the ingrate couldn't even bother to boop his snoot before he left. Does loyalty mean nothing to him?

Somebody needs to report him.

Everyone was basically yelling the same thing at the TV when it happened.

And we hope this is how Ghost greets him when he returns.

This is what happens when you spend your entire CGI budget on dragons.

Just because he's a Targaryen now doesn't mean he can just up and abandon his direwolf. Honestly, someone who is such a bad dad doesn't even deserve to be in power!

Basically, all we care about now is that this very good boy gets a new human who actually deserves him.

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