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Jo-Ann Fabrics and Another Art Supply Store Are Closing Locations, Starting Dec. 31

One company is permanently shutting down all of its stores.

Shuttered stores have become commonplace throughout the U.S. over the last few years, but that doesn't mean we've gotten used to saying goodbye. The pandemic spurred a staggering number of retail closures, furthering the decline of notable companies like Sears and Kmart, while also closing smaller mom-and-pop shops. But even as the pandemic situation improves, many brick-and-mortar stores continue to struggle—and stores close for all manner of reasons. Now, Jo-Ann Fabrics and another art supply store are facing impending closures. Read on to find out where you'll no longer be able to go for fabric or other arts and crafts needs.

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Several art stores have closed locations this year.

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This is not the first time arts and crafts stores and art supply chains have shuttered stores in 2022.

Back in March, Michaels permanently closed a location at the Amsterdam Commons in Montgomery County, New York. A spokesperson told The Leader-Herald at the time that Michaels had made "the business decision to close a limited number of stores this year," which included the Amsterdam location.

More recently, separate local art stores in Ashland, Wisconsin, and Grandview Heights, Ohio, both shut down permanently in August.

Now, more stores are on the chopping block.

One art supply chain is closing all of its stores later this month.

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One art supply chain is gearing up to close up shop completely at the end of the year.

After confirming the closure of its flagship store earlier this year, Asel Art Supply recently announced that it would be shuttering its seven remaining stores later this month, the Dallas Observer reported.

"We have some news. After 71 years in Texas, all Asel Art Supply locations will be closing by Dec. 31," the company wrote in a post on its official Facebook page. A separate post from Asel Art Supply indicated that there will be a sale for "50 percent off everything in-store while supplies last."

Employees have blamed the shutdown on a number of reasons. Asel Art Supply operations manager Floyd Cornwell, who works at the company's Dallas location, told the Forth Worth Star-Telegram that trouble started when it became cheaper for artists to get their supplies from Amazon rather than manufacturers themselves. "It was the same old story with Walmart. There go all the mom and pop shops," Cornwell said. "It finally hit us."

According to others, the pandemic further exacerbated existing struggles for art supply stores. "The art world is really competitive now," Mike Moffatt, the store manager of the Asel Art Supply in Fort Worth told the city's newspaper. "COVID is the reason we're not open any longer just because of the changing art world after the pandemic."

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Jo-Ann Fabrics is also shuttering a store soon after.

jo-ann fabrics store

Following the demise of Asel Art Supply, another destination for art enthusiasts will be facing a closure.

The Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Store in Marion, Ohio, will be closing its doors early next year, The Marion Star reported on Nov. 30. According to the newspaper, Shauntina Lilly, Jo-Ann's manager of public relations, diversity, and inclusion, confirmed that the Marion Centre mall location will shutter permanently, effective Jan. 15.

"Despite this location closing, Jo-Ann will continue to unveil new stores with updated features and offerings in 2023. Jo-Ann physical store locations and our e-commerce business will continue to be available to customers, as we advance our mission to inspire creativity," Lilly told The Marion Star.

The Jo-Ann Fabrics store in Marion currently has signs outside the front door indicating that all its inventory is discounted up to 40 percent as part of a "store closing" sale, according to the newspaper.

Other Jo-Ann locations previously announced closures.

jo-ann fabrics store

When Best Life reached out to Jo-Ann Fabrics to inquire why the Marion store is closing, the company declined to give an exact reason.

But Marion is not the only location this popular arts and crafts retailer is planning to shutter next year. The company has previously confirmed that it is permanently shutting down two separate locations in Bridgeport, West Virginia, and Keene, New Hampshire—both on Jan. 22.

A spokesperson for Jo-Ann Fabrics told Best Life in an emailed statement that the company has no plans to close all of its stores like Asel Art Supply. "In alignment with standard brick and mortar business processes, Jo-Ann closes stores occasionally while simultaneously investing in, and opening brand new stores to best meet the needs of our customers," the spokesperson explained.

In total, the company said it is currently set to close a total of just eight stores (out of over 800) throughout the next three months.

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