Steal Hugh Jackman's Tips for An Unbreakable Marriage

Indeed, a bond can be as strong as adamantium.

Hugh Jackman, 49, and his wife Deborra-lee Furness, 62, have been married for almost 22 years, and to hear him gushing about her, you'd think they were newlyweds.

"[My wife] is my foundation, that is the rock, that is the foundation of our family, and therefore my life." he told People back in December, adding that they were a "team" and "madly in love."

So, how does Wolverine keep his marriage as strong as adamantium? In a new interview with, Jackman revealed that he and his wife, a fellow Australian actress and producer, have a brilliant pact in place to make sure they don't grow apart.

"Deb was in the business before me and made some rules," he said. "We are not going to spend more than two weeks apart, and we are not going to work at the same time if we don't have to financially. So, one of us is always there to support the other. And we have maintained that for … well next month is 22 years."

He also gave some tips on how to figure out if someone is The One, given that he knew that Deb was the love of his life pretty much as soon as they met on the set of the the Australian drama Correlli in 1995:

"When you're dating, you literally put on the best version of yourself. When you get on the dance floor, you're like, all right, I am pulling out my best moves here, I am doing my best lines, I have got my best clothes on. How do you transition from that person to actually truly being yourself? The tracksuit pant version of yourself. Until you feel that comfortable with your partner, you don't really know if you're right together. So literally from day one, Deb and I had that feeling. It was like a relief. I could just be myself. I am not saying we don't ever dress up or impress each other, but being comfortable is a key."

Jackman was 27 when they first met, and Deb was 40. Neither had been married before, which shows it pays to wait for right person.

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