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30 Hilarious Things Every Woman Does with Her Friends

From Facebook stalking to fitness plans.

There's a special kind of bond in female friendship, and while all people are different, some things are universal among gal pals. If you and your buds have ever eaten a shameless amount of pizza or sat around in sweatpants watching bad reality TV on Netflix, you know what we're talking about.

It's the degree of comfort around your closest friends that really lets you be your most authentic, grossest self. If you thought you and your clique were alone on this, think again. These are things every woman does with her friends at one point or another. And when you want to make the members of your inner circle laugh, start with these 50 Amazing Jokes You Can Text to Friends.

Share Their Worst Selfies

What's too nightmarish for Instagram is perfect for your bestie. But nothing compares to the 30 Most Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Photos.

Facebook Creep on Their Crushes

performance coaching

As long as more than one person is doing it, it's not a big deal. Take things a step beyond creeping with This Guide to Flirting on Instagram.

Collaborate on Texts to Love Interests

Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Your Smartphone

You want to come across as flirty, not thirsty. Want to up your own flirting game? Consider theseĀ 20 Timeless One-Liners From History's Extraordinary Women.

Eat an Entire Pizza

pizza on countertop

That's per person, by the way. If a whole pizza isn't enough carbs for you, Here's How Eating Pasta Can Help You Lose Weight.

Lie About the Time

Alone Time Being Single in your thirties

By now we all know what "leaving in five minutes" really means. While nobody loves that white lie, these areĀ 30 Things Women Always Want to Hear.

Sing as Loudly as Possible

Women Dancing and Singing in Car Embarrassing Things

When you're with your friends, the world is your karaoke bar. Wondering what to sing? Try out the 30 Funniest Lines From Country Songs.

Make a DIY Spa Day

Avocado Mask Anti-Aging

Real friends have seen each other with yogurt all over their faces. Or go all in with the 20 Best Ways to Reduce Wrinkles.

"Borrow" Each Other's Clothes

dressing well 50s

Sorry. You're never getting that shirt back. Among lady friends, it's one of 20 Everyday Things It's OK to Lie About.

Go to the Bathroom

secretly hilarious things

If one person's going, everyone's going. But it's not okay to go to the bathroom when the bill arrives. Check out 12 Things Women Need to Stop Doing on Dates.

Diagnose Each Other

Swollen lymph nodes surprising cancer symptoms

Who needs WebMD when your friends can make uneducated guesses about what's wrong with you? Before you consult your makeshift MD, make sure they know the 30 Worst Women's Health Myths That Need to Die.

Send Screenshots of Texts From Crushes

Woman on Phone Work From Home Jobs

There's a big difference between "hahaha" and "lol."

Yoga Followed by Bottomless Brunch

hobbies for your 40s

Life's all about striking a balance.

Give Everyone a Code Name

balding man relationship ending warning signs

It's important to know if you're talking about Bald Dan or Danger Dan.

Be Brutally Honest

woman talking to another woman about big boobs

Yes, those pants make your calves look freakish.

Participate in Reverse Competitions

30 compliments

No, I live like the world's youngest grandma.

Converse Entirely in GIFs and Emojis


Why say it with words when you can say it with pictures?

Create and Abandon Elaborate Exercise Goals

best skin

Thinking about running a marathon has to count for something, right?

Get Outfit Approval

celebrity photo secrets

It's perfectly normal to send a picture of an outfit asking if you look ridiculous or not.

Compare Shapewear

woman scissors tights

Some Spanx are better than others.

Dish on In-Laws

hilarious words

Keep family business in the family. And friends are like extended family. Ipso facto….

Text From Across the Room

Couple on Phone Romance

First person to laugh at an inappropriate moment loses.

Cancel Plans

Relaxing in office Life Easier

Sometimes you can just sense when everyone secretly wants a sweatpants night.

Try on the Worst Clothes

save money on clothes

As long as you're out shopping, may as well try on all the puffy shirts for a laugh.

Watch the Worst Television

50 compliments

Don't let anyone tell you bingeing Long Island Medium with friends isn't a good time.

Share Embarrassing Tinder Messages

instant mood boosters

One person's mortifying experience should be everyone's laughter.

Vent Serious Invectives

angry woman

Sometimes you need to put the ladylike behavior aside and tell your friends how you really feel about someone.

Describe Aging

overnight, young woman

You can't complain about drooping eyelids to just anybody.

Share Other People's Secrets

people gossiping

Obviously "don't tell anybody" doesn't include partners and best friends.

Detail Skin Care Regimens

Woman Applying Tretinoin Cream Anti-Aging

That includes the part about removing chin hairs.

Send a Bombardment of Texts

30 compliments

Why send one long text when you can send three words at a time? For more relatable laughs, check out 30 Hilarious Tweets Every Parent Can Relate To.

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