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Hilaria Baldwin's Bio Was Just Quietly Changed Amid Her Heritage Scandal

Her place of birth has been updated since she's been accused of faking her Spanish background.

Over the past couple of days, no celebrity has made more waves than Hilaria Baldwin, who has been accused of faking both her Spanish background and accent. The 36-year-old yoga instructor and wife of actor Alec Baldwin spoke out in defense of herself in an Instagram video on Dec. 27 that still left some lingering questions, but she made one thing crystal clear: She was born in Boston, not Spain. Now, her work bio has been quietly changed amid this growing heritage scandal. Read on to find out about the change that was made to Baldwin's official bio and to see the latest in the scandal. And for more on the situation, see how Ireland Baldwin Just Defended Her Stepmom Amid Heritage Controversy.

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Baldwin's official bio no longer includes her place of birth.

Hilaria Baldwin Instagram
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

On Dec. 21, a Twitter thread was posted that accused Baldwin of faking or exaggerating her Spanish background for years. It includes clips of Baldwin speaking with and without a Spanish accent, and a link to an interview in which Baldwin is described as being born in Spain. There is also a video circulating in which Baldwin says she moved to the U.S. at age 19 and says "my family lives in Spain" without explaining that she previously lived in the U.S.

Baldwin was also said to be born in Spain in her bio on the website of her agency for speaking engagements, CAA. Baldwin's bio previously read, "Baldwin was born in Mallorca, Spain and raised in Boston, Massachusetts." Now, there is no mention of where Baldwin was born or raised.

She was born Hilary, not "Hilaria."

hilaria instagram
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

In the Instagram video posted on Dec. 27, Baldwin explained that her birth name was Hilary, but because she spent time in Spain with her family, she would be called "Hilaria" when she was there. Eventually, she decided to change her name to Hilaria to make things simpler, rather than going by two names. Baldwin's parents are American, but according to her, she grew up between Spain and the U.S. and her family lives in Spain currently.

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She also explained her shifting accent.

Hilaria Baldwin
lev radin /

One claim about Baldwin that really got people talking is the theory that she's faking her accent. In some video clips, Baldwin has a strong accent and in others she doesn't. In one clip in particular, she forgets the English word "cucumber."

In her Instagram video, Baldwin said that she was raised bilingual, and that the way she talks depends on whether she's been speaking more English or Spanish. "I am that person that if I've been speaking a lot of Spanish, I tend to mix them." She also said that when she's working, she tries to enunciate more, but if she gets nervous or frustrated that can also change the way she speaks.

In a comment on Baldwin's Instagram post, her 25-year-old stepdaughter, Ireland Baldwin, Alec's daughter with actor Kim Basinger, commented on the resurfaced viral TV moment. "She definitely knows what a cucumber is, but I've been on talk shows before and I have been so nervous and I've said really dumb s*** under pressure and couldn't really imagine what I would say if I were on a talk show and having to cook in front of the entire country," the 25-year-old model said. "Also I have friends again from all different places who speak multiple languages who mix up words all of the time because anyone who speaks many languages would tell you that it's easy to mix up words."

She explained her ethnicity verses her culture, but wasn't specific.

Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Baldwin did not go into the specifics of her own ethnicity or heritage in her Instagram video. However, she did say, "Yes, I am a white girl. Let's be very clear that Europe has a lot of white people in there." She continued, "Ethnically, I am a mix of many, many, many things. Culturally, I grew up with the two cultures."

Her husband came to her defense on Instagram.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Joe Seer /

In response to the scandal, Alec Baldwin posted an eight-minute Instagram video in which he mentioned the "ridiculous" things being said online and repeatedly told his followers to "consider the source."

On his wife's Instagram video about her background, he also left a lengthy comment, in which he wrote, "To say you are fake, in any way, is unbelievable. You are a woman born in America, raised for many years in another land and proud of your dual upbringing. You haven't faked anything. Ever."

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