Here's Why This Teacher's Amazing Blackboard Drawing Is Going Viral

This is one enterprising educator who deserves your respect.

Living in America in 2018, it's easy to forget that there are parts of the world in which people aren't constantly typing on one computer while watching the news on another while answering their boss's email on their iPhone all at the same time. But while there are initiatives to bring technology to rural parts of Africa, there are plenty of schools—like Betenase M/A Junior High School in the town of Sekyedumase, Ghana—that still don't have computers.

What makes this somewhat ironic is the fact that, despite the lack of computers, 14 and 15-year-olds cannot get through high school without passing a national exam that includes questions on computer tech, which is why their school day includes classes on ICT (information and communication technology).

So, how does a teacher show students how to use a computer without a computer?

If you're Richard Appiah Akoto, 33, the ICT teacher at Betenase M/A Junior High School, you draw it out on a blackboard.

Akoto (who goes by the nickname "Owura Kwadwo Hottish" on Facebook) posted some photos of his dedicated efforts to teach these kids on social media, with the caption, "Teaching of ICT in Ghana's school is very funny. ICT on the board paa. I love ma students so have to do wat will make them understand Wat am teaching. #committedteacher#ICTontheboard#Teacherkwadwo"

The photo quickly went viral and was re-tweeted by several prominent people all over the world, who praised Akoto for making the most of the few resources he had.

And then something magical happened that could have only happened in the Age of Viral Miracles. People began retweeting the photos and tagging Microsoft to help out.

And Microsoft delivered (or at least vowed to).

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