20 Teacher Appreciation Gifts That Are a Total A+

Save the apples for your kitchen, please!

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world: They shape our kids' minds, and with that, the future of our society as a whole. So it makes sense that at the end of the school year, during the holiday season, and on Teacher Appreciation Day (the Tuesday of the first full week in May), they're bombarded with gifts. Herein, we've rounded up the best teacher appreciation gifts every educator will love. From practical classroom items to relaxing stress-reducers, you're bound to find the perfect gift for your child's teacher on this list.

A Set of Personalized Pencils

personalized pastel pencils, best teacher gifts

$10; buy now at orientaltrading.com

Every teacher knows that classroom pencils (especially those coveted No. 2s!) frequently disappear without a trace. That's why both your child's teacher will thank you for this personalized gift.

Posters and Classroom Decorations

Math teacher poster reads I'm a math teacher. Of course I have problems
Red Bubble

$15; buy now at redbubble.com

Any teacher will tell you that classroom décor is always welcome. "I love when I receive pictures and posters to brighten up the walls of my classroom," says Abby Marchione, a music teacher from Pennsylvania. "It makes me smile and think of my students every time."

A Label Maker with Bluetooth


label maker with wireless bluetooth brother touch, best teacher gifts

$100; buy now at amazon.com

A teacher's organization efforts are never quite complete. Offer some help by gifting a teacher this versatile Brother P-Touch Cube Plus Bluetooth label maker. Complete with pre-designed label templates, this gift is sure to help your child's teacher maintain structure.

It's one of the pricier items on this list, which means it's a great teacher appreciation gift to split with other class parents.

A Funky Felt Letter Board

felt letter board from amazon, best teacher gifts

$20; buy now at amazon.com

Felt letter boards are all the rage in classroom décor. Gift your child's teacher this modern felt board so they can make their classroom even more Pinterest-perfect than it already is.

A Massager Pillow

zyllion shiatsu back neck massager pillow, best teacher gifts

$50; buy now at amazon.com

Being a teacher means standing a lot, which is why a good massage will never go to waste. Bring the spa to your child's teacher with this Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager pillow.

A Compact Photo Printer

canon compact printer, best teacher gifts

$164; buy now at amazon.com

Make it easy for your child's teacher to hang as many photos as possible with the help of this Canon SELPHY CP780 compact photo printer. It's another great teacher appreciation gift to split with a group!

A Starbucks Gift Card

two starbucks gift cards, best teacher gifts

$10+; buy now at starbucks.com

Give your child's teacher a much-needed pick-me-up with a simple Starbucks gift card. Carol Kaune, a third-grade teacher from South Carolina, says that while this is a common gift to receive, it's always welcome.

Hand Cram

posh boss big fat yummy hand creme, best teacher gifts

$10; buy now at perfectlyposh.com

With all those efforts to keep their hands germ-free, teachers also run the risk of drying out their skin. So gift them a luxurious hand lotion, like Perfectly Posh's Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme in a fun scent like "Posh Boss."

"I love Perfectly Posh's Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes," says Angela Kirk Gerber, an elementary school media specialist in Oklahoma. "Not only do they smell wonderful, but they also help me fight back against dry skin from all my hand sanitizer use."

A Relaxing Coloring Book

teacher life a snarky chalkboard color book, best teacher gifts

$9; buy now at amazon.com

With pages that include quotes such as "Keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan" and "Happiness is a three-day weekend," Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book is sure to provide any educator with laughter and a sense of calm.

A Special Edition of Their Favorite Book

the secret garden book, best teacher gifts

$18; buy now at barnesandnoble.com

Nothing says thoughtful like gifting your child's teacher a copy of their favorite book, especially if you can find a unique edition. Include a personalized note inside the front cover for a special touch. Whether they keep it for their own personal library or add it to their classroom collection, picking out a book with your child's teacher in mind shows how much you appreciate all they do.

A Temperature-Controlled Tumbler

yeti rambler stainless steel tumbler, best teacher gifts

$30; buy now at amazon.com

Most teachers usually have a cup beside them throughout the day. Whether they're sipping on coffee, soda, or water, it helps to have a high-tech bottle that can keep their beverage at a desirable temperature all day long. That's where this stylish Yeti tumbler comes in. Your child's teacher will never have to drink room-temperature water or lukewarm coffee ever again—and they'll be so grateful.

A Stress-Relief Kit

stress relief basket gift etsy, best teacher gifts

$45; buy now at etsy.com

Complete with soaking salts, hot chocolate, and honey sticks, this stress-relief kit—or, in a teacher's case, survival kit—from Etsy is sure to make them feel appreciated and relieved.

A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

instant hand sanitizer dispenser, best teacher gifts

$15; buy now at samsclub.com

There might be no place with more germs than a school. Help your child's favorite teacher keep themselves and their students healthy with this Purell instant hand-sanitizer dispenser.

A Magnetic Container

perch biggy magnetic container, best teacher gifts

$15; buy now at the containerstore.com

If there's one thing teachers know, it's that staying organized is extremely difficult—and sometimes, practically impossible. These Perch Biggy magnetic containers from the Container Store make things a bit easier by allowing teachers to remove and rearrange them on any metal locker or cabinet. Now that's a practical gift.

A Personalized Candle

teacher candle gift, amazon, best teacher gifts

$24; buy now at amazon.com

The amazing thing about candles is that you can never have too many. "Lighting a candle is a great way to relax away from school and work," says one fourth-grade teacher in New York. Take it a step further with this personalized option that'll warm any educator's room and heart.

A Pack of Pens

paper mate flair felt tip pens, medium point 24-pack, best teacher gifts

$20; buy now at amazon.com

With all that grading, teachers go through a ton of pens—not to mention the ones they've misplaced and the ones that mysteriously go missing. Show your appreciation by giving them back all they've lost with this amazing 24 pack of Paper Mate felt-tip pens.

A Ghiradelli Chocolate Gift Basket

ghiradelli choclate array gift basket, best teacher gifts

$55; buy now at amazon.com

From Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to Twix Bars, there is really no way to go wrong with chocolate. However, if you'd like to step up your gift giving for a truly special teacher, send a Ghiradelli gift basket.

Personalized Flower Pot

flower pot for teacher, teacher gifts

$10; buy now at etsy.com

Teachers help us grow—so give them something to grow in return. Whether your child's teacher is a gifted gardener or not, they'll love this personalized flower pot. Throw in some seeds for his or her favorite flowers, and you'll be sure to plant yourself as any teacher's favorite parent after giving them this gift.

Beginner's Yoga Starter Kit

gaiam beginner's yoga starter kit, best teacher gifts

$29; buy now at amazon.com

After a while, teachers begin to see the same gifts again and again. Get them something unique this year, like this beginner's yoga starter kit. Yoga is the ultimate relaxation exercise—and it can help them clear their mind after long days in the classroom. It might even become their new favorite hobby!

Handmade Goodies

handmade gift note, best teacher gifts

For most teachers, it's truly the thought that counts—and that means a handmade item from a parent or student will always make their day. You can write a thoughtful card or let your child create something themselves.

"The genuine notes from parents and students expressing their gratitude… and the handmade gifts are all my favorite," says Kristine Pencille, a second-grade teacher from South Carolina. "It shows me they took the time to think of me and let me know how much I mean to them." And if you're not crafty but are looking for something homemade, check out the 27 Gorgeous Handmade Items You Can Buy on Amazon.

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