20 Thoughtful Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren't Books

Because you know they already bought the latest bestseller for themselves.

Got a friend who quotes Harry Potter nonstop? A sister who dreams in poetry? A spouse who can never have enough bookshelves? If you have a book lover in your life, a book (or two, or three) is always a good choice for a gift. But if you're a little tired of picking out hardcovers and want to switch it up, or get the bibliophile in your life something with a bit more of a personal touch, there are plenty of literary gifts for books lovers that aren't books! From custom bookmarks to wearable literary tributes, here are 20 of the best thoughtful gifts for books lovers that aren't books.

john-richard collection marble bookends, gifts for book lovers

Gold Burst on White Marble Bookends

$185; buy now on amazon.com

Bookends are a fun way to contribute to a book lover's carefully-organized bookshelves. These unique iron and marble bookends will add a pop of style and pizazz to any home office or library. It's one of the best gifts for books lovers who are just as concerned with staying stylish as they are with staying up to date on the latest bestsellers.

personalized bookmark from etsy, gifts for book lovers

Personalized Bookmark

$16; buy now on etsy.com

A gift of a personalized, stamped metal bookmark could save your favorite reader from ever having to fold the corner of a page again—and honestly, what better could you do for the world than preventing that kind of sacrilege? Just pick your character count and message, and you can give an extra-special gift to your favorite book lover.

shh I'm reading socks from amazon, gifts for book lovers

'Shh I'm Reading' Tube Socks

$13; buy now on amazon.com

If there's one thing book lovers adore more than reading, it's snuggling up and being cozy. Your favorite reader will love cuddling under the cover in these warm tube socks that warn would-be interrupters not to disrupt their precious book time!

personalized bookplate, gifts for book lovers

Personalized Bookplate

$30; buy now on etsy.com

Help the book lover in your life create a mini-library in their own home with this customized adhesive bookplate. Under "Ex Libris" and a vintage design, you can choose the name and font you'd like. It's also a great detail to include if you do give the gift of a book.

homesick candle library scent, gifts for book lovers

Library Scented Candle

$30; buy now on homesickcandles.com

There's nothing better than burying your nose in a book and breathing in the scent of old pages. And fortunately, the folks over at Homesick candles have captured that scent in the most perfect (and totally chic!) way. This gift will allow your favorite book lover to recreate the delicious scent of a library in their own little book nook. (And for what it's worth, "library scent" includes orange and nutmeg top notes; library books, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, and cedarwood mid notes; and vanilla, balsam, and amber base notes.)

led book light lamp, gifts for books lovers

LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Book Light Neck Reading Lamp Hands Free

$13.99; buy now on amazon.com

A true book lover will read absolutely anywhere. You can help them get their story on during a commute, in the backseat on a road trip, or while multitasking around the house with one of these incredible gifts for books lovers: a hands-free rechargeable reading lamp. They can wear this gift around their neck for up to 10 hours without having to recharge it (perfect for getting through a whole book in one sitting).

come check it out graphic tee, gifts for book lovers

'Come Check it Out' Graphic Tee

$29; buy now on modcloth.com

If your book-loving friend or loved one is a library fan, they'll want to get 'checked out' in this conversation-piece graphic tee. The dates are meant to look like old-school library stamps (remember those?) and it comes in sizes up to XXXL.

book seat from amazon, gifts for book lovers

The Book-Seat Book Holder and Travel Pillow

$40; buy now on amazon.com

Even the most dedicated readers can get a little tired holding their arms up through countless chapters. This book holder elevates the text so that your gift recipient can read in total comfort in any position they like.

a line library skirt, gifts for book lovers

A-Line Skirt in 'Library' Print

$69; buy now on modcloth.com

Give a book-loving friend this adorable A-line skirt, lined with rows of colorful books on cozy shelves, and help them fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming one with the library. The gathered waist makes it flattering for every body type.

banned books scarf, gifts for book lovers

Banned Books Scarf

$32; buy now on uncommongoods.com 

From A Handmaid's Tale to To Kill a Mockingbird, some of the most influential titles in literary history have been banned at one point or another. The reader in your life will love paying tribute to a few of them with this white scarf emblazoned with the names of controversial books.

shakespearean insults chart poster, gifts for book lovers

Shakespearean Insults Chart

$25; buy now on uncommongoods.com

If the reader in your life has never called an enemy an "indubitate beggar," maybe it's time for them to start! This poster of Shakespearean insults makes for a fun, quirky gift for anyone who loves literary history or the arts.

100 books scratch off poster, gifts for book lovers

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

$15.00; buy now on uncommongoods.com

Especially for parents who read to their kids, this poster is a fun way to encourage and celebrate reading. Readers can "cross off" books like Wuthering Heights and Clockwork Orange from their to-be-read list by scratching off each title with a coin after they're done and revealing the artwork underneath.

midnight marble kindle case, gifts for book lovers

Create Your Own eBook Reader Cover

$29.99; buy now at caseable.com

Know a book lover who can't live without their Kindle? This customizable gift will give their on-the-go reading a personalized touch. Add words and a custom design, or choose from a number of graphics options to create a one-of-a-kind Kindle cover for a truly unique gift.

blue book fan, gifts for book lovers

Classic Book Fan

$6.99; buy now at barnesandnoble.com

This accordion fan, made from vintage book pages, looks like an old-school blue hardcover when it's closed. That means it's one of the best gifts for books lovers who appreciate a little elegance and whimsy alongside their stories (Jane Austen fans come to mind).

well read womens readers journal, gifts for book lvoers

Well-Read Women: A Reader's Journal

$14.95; buy now at uncommongoods.com

The next best thing to reading? Writing about it! This journal, packed with beautiful watercolor illustrations of female characters by Samantha Hahn, will help your sister, mom, friend, or girlfriend reflect on what they've read recently—turning their own literary memories into a keepsake.

library embosser oraton rubber stamps, gifts for book lovers

Oraton Rubber Stamps Library Embosser

$26; buy now at neimanmarcus.com

Do you know someone who's constantly loaning out books and never getting them back? This library embosser will allow them to mark their literary territory with a personalized embossed stamp, reading "Library of [Name]."

novel teas teabags, gifts for book lovers

Novel Teas

$13.50; buy now on amazon.com

Book lovers adore cozying up to a warm mug of tea for a Saturday afternoon reading session. This package of 25 English Breakfast teabags, each tagged with a famous literary quote, will let the reader in your life combine their two loves with every sip.

color changing umbrella with bookshelf design, gifts for book lovers

Color-Changing Bookshelf Umbrella

$17.98; buy now at basbleu.com

Lovers of fantasy and time travel will appreciate this umbrella, which comes equipped with a little bit of bookish magic. The umbrella is blue, white, and bookless (sad, right?) when it's dry, but when it rains, a packed bookshelf appears around its perimeter. After all, books are some of the best parts of rainy days.

personal library kit, gifts for book lovers

Personal Library Kit

$16; buy now from knockkncokstuff.com

If you know a book lover well, you probably know that they're passionate about their personal library. This kit will bring them back to elementary school with old-school date stamps, checkout cards, and self-adhesive pockets to keep track of who's borrowed what—and who owes late fees.

floating bookshelf from amazon, gifts for book lovers

Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, Set of Three

$22.40; buy now on amazon.com

These ergonomic bookshelves are L-shaped and carefully designed to look like the books atop them are "floating" in mid-air. They make a great gift for aesthetically savvy book lovers and students with limited space for traditional bookshelves or home libraries.

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