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25 Ways to Score a Deal on Every Holiday Gift

A bit of research leads to a lot of savings.

It's that time of year when everyone is trying their best to score holiday deals. But if you're stressing about it, first, breathe, man, and remember that it's still only the first week of December. There's still plenty of time to find the perfect gift, one that won't totally put a hole in your bank account.

Second, relax: We're here to help with this whole holiday deals thing, because we know just how hard it can be to parse through all the sales, discounts, and buy-one-get-ones. How? Well, because we did the legwork! Here, from the most eye-popping deals to the most mathematically perplexing offers, are the best ways to save money this holiday shopping season. Consider it an early gift from us. And for more ways to make the most of your retail endeavors, here are 21 Genius Tricks for Making Holiday Shopping Less Miserable.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Clothes

save money on clothing

The easy answer is to go to a second-hand store and shop some of the bargain bins, but that's not always the preferred way. (You won't find anything fresh, for starters, and if you're at a high-rated place, you won't find basement-level prices, either.) For this, the best weapon in your arsenal is something you use each and every day: Email.

Start by signing up for the newsletters for all of your favorite brands. If you have a Gmail account, these newsletters will be filtered into a separate "promotions" tab—and kept far away from your regular inbox. (No, your cherished Inbox Zero won't be affected.) When retailers have a sale, they'll send out an email blast. What's more, especially during the holiday season, you might find yourself scoring codes for everything from free shipping to significant discounts. For ideas on which blast to sign up for, check out the 40 Best Fashion Brands for Women Over 40 and 40 Best Style Brands for Men Over 40.

Ways To Score A Deal On: High Heels

woman choosing shoes while on a sofa in a room with pink walls

When looking for holiday deals on high heels, there are some tricks to the trade that shoppers should be familiar with, most of which have to deal with setting aside the latest models. For those okay with last year's designs, head to go to stores like TJ Maxx or Ross, which, unlike competitors, have leftover high heels from department stores that are out of season. And for more sage holiday shopping advice, These Are the Stores Where True Moneysavers Are Shopping This Holiday Season.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Grills

The good news about buying a grill for a holiday gift is that they're off-season, meaning you can usually score one for much cheaper than you could once the weather gets warmer. Consumer Reports claims that the best deals on gas grills actually come around in September. But, for those who missed the boat, your best bet is to go to big box stores like Sears or, if you have a membership, somewhere like Costco. And before you start your shopping, These Are The Most Returned Christmas Presents Every Year.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Great Candles

Decorative candles

For the most part, candle shopping should always be done in-person. (After all, how else could you really know how a scent registers?) The exception, though, is, as always, if you can get a really, really great deal. During the holiday season, Yankee Candle offers an insane buy one get two free deal on tumbler candles. And for more amazing holiday shopping advice, check out 30 Most Boring Holiday Gifts You Need to Stop Giving.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Suiting

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When it comes to finely cut suiting that you can get at the click of a button (with free shipping!), the only brand that beats Bonobos is Bonobos during the holiday season. For their holiday sale, which is currently running, spend $150, and you'll get 25 percent off your order. Spend $250 (an amount you'll easily hit with the purchase of a suit or blazer), and you'll get a 30 percent discount. And if you miss out on it, don't worry: the company tends to run similar sales once every month or so. For instance, just two weeks ago, they had the same exact promotion during Black Friday weekend.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Video Games

nintendo switch still in box

There's no better time of the year to shop for video games and gaming systems than the holidays. For instance, right now, at GameStop, the Nintendo Switch, which usually sells for $325, is marked down to $299. As a bonus, they'll throw in a $25 card to Nintendo's digital eShop, where you can buy everything from games to "skins" (essentially, desktop backgrounds for the Switch itself).

Ways To Score A Deal On: TVs

amazon black friday sales

When it comes to buying a TV, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days everyone knows about. But the truth is that you can score deals on a TV throughout the entire holiday season. For instance, you can still pick up a Samsung 43" 4k Ultra HD tv for $279—an entire Benjamin less than the listing price. But don't dawdle: TV prices will jump back up come January.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Laptops

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You'll never score a discount on a brand new MacBook (unless you can make use of the company's generous student discount policy). But if you're willing to step out of the Apple ecosystem, you can score great deals on totally functional laptops elsewhere. For instance, Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2—a fine piece of machinery in its own right, that can likely do everything you need it to and more—is currently marked down by $200 at Best Buy. And for more ways to save big on tech, here are 23 Awesome Tech Gifts You Must Have.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Headphones

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Everyone would love a pair of brand-new, noise-cancelling Beats or Bose over-ears. But Sony headphones offer the same vast aural spectrum (the highest highs, the lowest lows) for a fraction of the price. At Best Buy, right now, all Sony headphones are marked down by 20 percent or more. The only downside is that they're not quite as über-stylish as the B-starting brands.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Cell Phones

ways you're ruining your cell phone

New phones are expensive—really expensive. The new iPhone, fresh out of the package, costs a grand! But, for the holidays, if you switch providers to Verizon, they'll give you a not-insignificant $300 discount. If someone in your family is still languishing with an outdated iPhone 7—or worse, 6—this deal is the deal for you.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Bedding

Bedroom Multipurpose Space celebrity home design tricks

Nothing beats sailing off to sleep in a heavenly bed. But face it: No one's going to splurge on angelic sheets with their own money. Which means it's up to you to give the gift of good rest. Before shopping elsewhere, direct yourself to the good folks at West Elm, who've marked everything down by 25 percent this holiday season—including their soft-as-a-cloud linen sheets.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Sports Paraphernalia

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During the holiday months, DICK's Sporting Goods marks all sporting gear down by 30 percent. NCAA-themed jerseys, NFL-themed tailgating accessories (coolers!), MLB-themed hats—for the sporting fan in your life, there's bound to be something great.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Bluetooth Speakers

funny amazon Alexa questions

Don't scoff, but the Amazon Echo is, for our money, one of the best bluetooth speakers on the market. Not only does it sound and look great, it also comes equipped with seamless Alexa integration. And now, for the holidays, it's marked down by $30. You can pick up a sparkling new one for $69.99.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Smartwatches

Apple Watch series 4 popular holiday gifts

The smartwatch market continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. What this means for shoppers: New models release so quickly that, for those who aren't already equipped with the latest and greatest, it's practically impossible to spot the difference between iterations. So, instead of dishing out $400 on, say, and Apple Watch Series 4, head to B&H to pick up the Series 3 for a markedly lower $279.

Ways To Score A Deal On: A French Press

french press coffee maker

Fact: French Press coffee is the best coffee. It's smooth, it's personal, it's romantic, it's piping hot. And all through the month of December, Bodum—the makers of, if not the most stylish French presses, at least the most dependent—run one unique deal per day. You can score up to 35 percent discounts on all manner of coffee makers from now through the end of the year.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Luggage

luggage amazon gifts

Holiday deals on luggage should be simple, as it's all about avoiding paying retail prices. Therefore, it's important to go to Ross or even department stores like Macy's, where top luggage brands can be discounted as much as 60 percent.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Running Shoes

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Running shoes should always be purchased with last year's models' in mind. Again, it'd be great to have the latest designs, but, many times, running shoes from a previous year have the same performance and comfort as the latest releases, yet are marked down as much as 50 percent. Be smart about buying new running shoes and head to Finish Line, who's running 30 percent discounts on all Nike and Jordan running shoes.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Blender

Blender in Kitchen

Though the blender market is no doubt crowded, few products can be the always-popular Ninja. For those looking for a top-of-the-line product like that, Walmart is always offering sales on items like this, with the Ninja Professional Blender currently available for $49, marked down from the standard $89.

Ways To Score A Deal On: High-End Décor

Stacked plates

It's a given that fancy design accoutrements come with fancy price tags. But it needn't be that way. Throughout the entire month of December, for instance, Jonathan Adler—the maestros of vivacious color and loud-and-proud design—have marked the entire site down by 20 percent. What's more, each week, there's a rotating crop of curated picks that you can score for a whopping 35 percent.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Sunglasses

Tom Cruise Risky Business Ray-Bans

Sometimes, you can't go wrong with the classic. For the rest of the holiday season, Sunglass Hut is offering discounts of up to 50 percent on name-brand sunglasses. Our suggestion: pick up a pair of Cruise-like aviators for $89 (down from $179).

Ways To Score A Deal On: Flights

plane window hole flying facts

When searching for holiday deals on flights, it's always best to compare multiple sites. Start with Kayak and Travelocity (they have better user interfaces than competitors), and then head to Priceline. In addition to that, always make sure you have price alert notifications on, so you can be alerted when there's a huge drop in price on trips that you're looking at. Lastly, don't be afraid to mix and match airlines—otherwise known as hacker flights—which can save you lots of money as opposed to booking an entire trip through just one airline.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Golf Equipment

golf putt

Websites like specialize in "one day deals," meaning shoppers have 24 hours to scoop up popular items like drivers and putters at a huge discount thanks to high inventory. Another option for holiday deals on golf equipment is buying certified pre-owned clubs from sites like Callaway Pre-Owned, which can save up to 30 percent on a variety of golf items.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Purses

Wristlet Purse, 40s

Holiday deals on purses can be easy when you know where to look first. Websites like Farfetch and Matches Fashion are great options, because they can offer lower prices, since to the bag is made in the same country, thus lowering overall cost. For those looking for the most luxury brands, The Real Real is a great online option for holiday deals, as the site touts itself as the "premier site for online luxury consignment." To translate: shoppers get huge savings on high-end items.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Cookware

When looking for new cookware, shoppers have no shortage of options on where to buy from. Online retailers like Amazon (Prime membership discounts), Cultery and More (20 percent off for the holiday), and Home and Cook Outlet (Black Friday deals are, for whatever reason, still going on) are primary spots to look when searching for the best deals. Make sure to compare prices before purchasing, as cookware is often cheapest on the smaller name outlet sites compared to the better-known ones.

Ways To Score A Deal On: Outdoor Furniture

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Like all furniture, shoppers looking for holiday deals on outdoor furniture should always browse the aisles of thrift stores and antique stores, which typically have cheap options. For those looking to shop new, however, considering outdoor furniture is offseason at the moment, it's best to go to the usual sites like Wayfair—which offers top brands for up to 70 percent off—and Hayneedle.

Of course, big-name, high-end stores like Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel also usually run deals on outdoor furniture given the time of year, too, so it's always good to see what specials they might be running, especially if coupons are available. And once you find the perfect gift, here are 15 Easy Tricks for Wrapping Presents Perfectly.

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