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25 Work from Home Jobs with High Salaries

From corner cubicle to meetings in your PJs.

For many people, working from home is the true American Dream. Forget the corner office with a priceless view of the evening city skyline—a lot of people these days will settle for a ground-floor view of their neighbors' backyards. Just last year, CNN reported that in the past decade, the number of work-from-home workers has increased by 115 percent. And while this increase is mostly from workers shifting to a mix of time at the office as well as at home, there have never been more options for those hoping to make 'WFH' a bit more permanent. After all, you just need to find one of the best work from home jobs that meets your needs. (Believe it or not, some work from home jobs even pay 6-figure salaries.)

Money isn't the only benefit, of course. You can wear what you want, be your own boss, and work your own schedule. So with that in mind, here we present the 25 work from home jobs that just might rival the income of any "regular" job. One caveat: Most require a computer, some require high-speed internet, and a few actually require a landline—but it's all a small price to pay for the benefit of building your career in comfort. And once you're feeling smug in your home office, read on—with pleasure—the 30 Craziest Corporate Policies Employees Must Follow.

Woman on Phone Work From Home Jobs

SYKES Home (customer service)

SYKES is a worldwide established company that is well-known for providing quality outsourced customer service. SYKES Home is a program that allows employees to take customer support calls right from their home. SYKES offers a number of benefits including paid training, vision, dental, and health coverage, and you can expect to earn around $10/hour.

Man on Phone Work From Home Jobs

Teletech (customer service)

Teletech, or TTEC@Home, was ranked #4 on FlexJobs' 2017 list of the top 100 companies with remote jobs. It has a team of customer service associates that assist customers via phone, online chat, and even social media. Again, the pay is right around $10/hour.

Man on Laptop Work From Home Jobs

VIPdesk Connect (customer service)

VIPdesk Connect hires remote workers to handle inbound customer issues on a flex schedule. Pay is again starting at $10/hour, but the company also hires remote employees in marketing and sales positions.

Man on Laptop and Headphones Work From Home Jobs

iQor (customer service)

iQor agents handle customer service and product support, and are given opportunities for team leadership. iQor currently has 107 positions open in the US. Glassdoor lists wages around $10 – $11/hour.

Convergys Work From Home Jobs

Convergys (customer service)

Convergys handles customer management for many Fortune 500 companies and other high-profile companies around the world, across a wide ride of industries. Convergys offers work from home jobs in customer care, sales, marketing, and recruiting. While positions are usually location-specific, many are director level or higher.

JetBlue Work From Home Jobs

JetBlue (customer service)

Did you know that JetBlue is the 6th largest airline in the US? With 1000 flights each day, JetBlue relies on thousands of crewmembers to take care of reservations and other customer service requests. Many of these crewmembers work remotely. You will have to go through at least a month of training before you're let loose to work in your slippers. There are currently 2 training centers, so for people in Salt Lake City and Orlando, JetBlue is a great place to build your career. Employees enjoy benefits like health and retirement plans and free or discounted flights are a big bonus.

Amazon Flex Work From Home Jobs

Amazon Flex (on-demand services)

For people looking for a way to fund their dreams, Amazon Flex is a great option. Amazon Flex is a service that delivers packages to Amazon Prime members within just 1 hour. The only caveat is that, like many other Amazon "beta" services, this one has only been rolled out to a handful of metropolitan cities around the US. But if you live in one of those cities, you could earn between $18 – $25/hour.

Uber Work From Home Jobs

Uber and UberEATS(on-demand services)

OK, so not exactly one of the work from home jobs you were thinking about. Because it's technically "work from your car." But it's worth noting.

While Uber has more than its share of negative publicity, it still remains to be one of the most used ride-hailing services. The pay for drivers varies quite a bit, and you should make sure to consider all the costs involved (gas, maintenance, etc.). Uber does offer insurance for its drivers, but it comes with plenty of limitations. When asked about ride-hail and ride-share insurance claims, insurance agent Kevin Courtright said, "You shouldn't rely on your personal policy or the service's policy alone. To be adequately covered, you'll likely need both. Before jumping into a ride-share job, make sure that you will still be making money after all your costs are accounted for. Insurance is one cost that a lot of people overlook."

Lyft Work From Home Jobs

Lyft (on-demand services)

Lyft touts that its drivers can make as much as $100 for every 5 hours of work each week. It also offers insurance, but the same limitations apply. On top of paying for added insurance coverage, for this and most other ride-share services, drivers must meet specific standards for vehicle age. The standards are different from city to city, so make sure to do your research before applying. Again, you should crunch the numbers first to know if this will be a good option for you.

Drive Thru DoorDash Work From Home Jobs

DoorDash (on-demand services)

What's better than restaurant drive-thrus? Sending someone else through for you. DoorDash takes convenience to a whole new level (Level: laziness). Lazy or not, the platform is pretty awesome. "Dashers" as the company calls them earn at least $600 per year, and can be eligible for many benefits. However, there are insurance requirements with this service as well.

Man on Phone Work From Home Jobs
Shutterstock (sales)

The major benefit to a job in sales is the commissions. On top of customer care and support positions, also offers positions in outbound, inbound, and special sales. This company operates in a variety of industries. Employees can earn between $9 – $30/hour but hold independent contractor positions. In other words, employees are self-employed, and do not receive benefits from

Woman Making Floral Arrangement Work From Home Jobs

Blooms Today (sales)

Blooms Today makes and sells floral arrangements in many locations all over the country. The company's work from home inside sales representatives work on an independent contractor basis with commissioned earnings ranging from $15 – $24/hour.

Man Writing on Laptop Work From Home Jobs

Upwork (professional freelance work)

Freelance work has for a long time been associated with the idea of earning money doing something you're good at on the side, when/if you have the time. However, that "on-the-side" precedent is changing. Upwork is a platform that brings professional and often licensed freelancers to companies seeking their services. Upwork work from home jobs are usually in fields like copy-writing, customer care, sales, design, technical engineering, and more. Some positions even offer annual salaries close to $200k.

Man Coding on Computer Work From Home Jobs

Web Development (professional freelance work)

Web development is one of the fastest growing work from home jobs today. "Web" development doesn't just mean building websites. "Web" more accurately refers to any application or interface that relies on the internet to operate. Marketing automation, machine learning, framework building, quoting platforms, and database management are just a few of the common skills that fall under the umbrella. Web-based software developers use HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, and many other computer "languages" to work their magic. Since a large portion of web developer work is project-based, freelancers thrive in this space, with wages ranging from $30 – $100/hour.

Mobile App Developer Work From Home Jobs

Mobile App Development (professional freelance work)

A close cousin to web development is mobile app development. You need to well-versed in a number of computer "languages," and must be familiar with the different types of operating systems available for smartphone users (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.). While the scope of development projects vary, mobile app development freelancers can earn as much as $150/hour.

Freelance Writing Work From Home Jobs

Freelance Writing (writing and editing)

Writing is perhaps one of the best ways to earn money on the side (then again, I am a bit biased). Freelance writing is probably has the lowest startup cost than any other remote jobs. You don't even need your own computer—a computer at your local library will do the trick. Thousands of websites around the world rely at least in part on freelance writers for their website content. These sites range from blogs, news publications, to e-commerce sites. The earnings vary from site to site. Some pay per word ($0.10 – $0.$17/word), others per article ($30 – $500/article), and others still by the hour (as much as $50/hour). There are plenty of services connecting writers to those looking to hire, but you can usually get started in a number of other ways. Just look for a "Write for us" link on your favorite websites!

Freelance Editing Work From Home Jobs

Freelance Editing (writing and editing)

The news and media industry is changing at a faster pace than ever. Many large publications and outlets are foregoing in-house employees for less-expensive remote workers. This allows them to cover news from a much broader perspective. Even many top editors never leave the comforts of their own home. But news and publications aren't the only place where editors serve an important purpose. offers editing services to college graduates, post-graduates, and other academics looking to vamp up their work. Whether for admission essays, homework papers, or thesis projects, EssayEdge is a great platform for highly educated and literate individuals to earn some extra cash.

Tutoring Work From Home Jobs

Tutoring (education)

You might have heard of work from home tutoring jobs. The services that hire tutors are seemingly endless. But did you know that you don't always need to have a teaching degree? Whether you become an employee or independent contractor for one of the many tutoring services out there, or start your own service, tutors can generally make anywhere from $10 – $75/hour.

Teaching English as a Second Language Work From Home Jobs

ESL Instructor (education)

Teaching ESL, or English as a second language, is a great way for stay at home parents to supplement their household income while their kids are at school or napping. You can enjoy a flexible schedule while helping kids from all over the world build their futures. VIPKID is an online service that pays instructors between $14 – $22/hour for 1-on-1 teaching sessions with kids in 32 different countries.

Music Teacher Work From Home Jobs

Music Teacher (education)

Teaching music might not be for everyone. But for the musically inclined, the median music teacher salary in the US is $68,650 per year. Depending on your level of expertise, location, and whether or not you have a music degree, salaries can range from about $35k – $140k per year.

Nurse Work From Home Jobs

At-home Nurse (healthcare)

No, not hospice or in-home care. Many hospitals and clinics have teams of registered nurses that work responding to patient questions and concerns over the phone and online. This helps to improve the care that patients receive, and allows physicians to treat more patients in need. You will or course need certain licenses and certifications, but the experience required varies with the position. At-home nurses can earn around $50k – $81k per year.

Medical Coding Work From Home Jobs

Medical Coding (healthcare)

You know how you have a hard time reading your doctor's handwriting on your prescription? Well, turns out so do insurance companies on your doctor's notes. Not only do doctors use big words that only they understand, their writing is little more than chicken scratch.

Years ago, to streamline the way health insurance providers run their billing, medical coding was implemented. Every single procedure that a doctor carries out, from using a stethoscope, feeling your throat glands, taking your vitals, getting a throat swab, to performing open heart surgery has a nationally established code sequence assigned to it. Doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals must translate each procedure from the physicians' notes to these code sequences. These code sequences are then submitted to the insurance companies for billing.

With different codes for each procedure and for each professional performing the procedure, the process gets so complex that people make their careers transposing physician records. Many hospitals and clinics find it is most cost effective and efficient to outsource their medical coding. Companies like Aviacode serve thousands of physicians across the country with medical coders that work primarily from home. Average earnings can vary, especially depending on your state, but range from about $34k – $60k annually. When it comes to work from home jobs, that's pretty good!

Medical Billing Work From Home Jobs

Medical Billing (healthcare)

Medical billing is similar to medical coding in the category of work from home job. If the coding process didn't convince you of the complexity of healthcare, just think of all the different steps in the billing process. From the initial charge to collections, the bills go through a number of hands before the patient even sees it. Much of the process is handled by work from home billing agents earning a salary also ranging from $34k – $60k.

Fashion and Beauty Blogger Work From Home Jobs

Blogging (media)

If you don't mind living in a glass house, blogging can be a great way to earn some money. The problem is that the earnings vary way more than you might imagine. Some full-time bloggers earn million-dollar annual salaries. Some much, much more. But the more realistic average estimates are significantly lower. It can take a few years to get going, but The Money Habit reports that $18k – $150k annually is a realistic range for the "Average Joe blogger". If you're truly dedicated and have a sharp, meaningful message, it's one of the work from home jobs that can really pay off.

YouTube Work From Home Jobs

YouTube (media)

Again, if you don't mind being in the public eye, YouTube can be a cash cow and one of the more lucrative work from home jobs. (Seriously.) YouTube influencers make money from ads, product endorsements, sponsorships, training programs, and various other ways. The top YouTube earners have annual salaries well into the 8-figure range, but keep in mind all the variables involved. Number of channel subscribers, daily views, and engagement are all major factors. From ad revenue alone, Penna Powers estimates that YouTubers average around $18 per 1,000 views. But if you're inspired, go for it!

Playing Game on Phone Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs bonus: PlayTest Cloud

The pay might not be as high as some of the work from home jobs above, but PlaytestCloud lets you earn a little money to test out smartphone games before they go live. You get to help developers improve their games, earn $9 or more per playtest, and have fun doing it! What's better than that?

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