Why This Old Photo of a Man Wearing a "Pocket Square" Is Going Viral

Who knew household pets made such stylish accessories?

We all can't help but laugh when we look at old family photos, especially the ones that force us to relive the terrible outfits our parents made us wear. But when author M.T. Anderson came across a vintage family photo taken at Christmas, he noticed something particularly peculiar about his outfit.

Anderson, second from the right, is wearing a bold red vest and a dapper suit marked by a lovely beige pocket square. But look closer. Notice anything odd?

m.t. anderson hamster cravat photo

How about now?

m.t.anderson hamster cravat

Yep, what appears to be a pocket square is, in fact, his sister's hamster—and he seems very pleased with his pocket nest.

Anderson did not explain this choice of accessorizing, but he did post the photo on Twitter, where it immediately went viral.

People thought it could easily be the cover of an indie rock band.

And some felt that it could make a great children's story.

Of course, someone just had to make this pun.

And many people, including the author, couldn't help but notice that his sister didn't seem to trust him with her hamster.

Fun fact: apparently, hamsters are very well-behaved in pockets.

So now you know. And for more pet-related laughs, check out this cat's hilarious coping mechanism for the vet.

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