This Teacher's Viral End-of-Year Meme Project Will Make Your Day

Ms. Murphy isn't a regular teacher—she's a cool teacher.

Technology has changed everything for kids today—and no one knows this more than teachers, who struggle daily to get their students to focus in class when there are smartphones everywhere. Some educators, however, are embracing modern technology and even incorporating it into their classrooms. Recently, a high school sociology teacher went viral for creating a spreadsheet to help decode his students' slang. And now there's another high school teacher who's gaining attention—this time for using memes to her advantage.

Angelina Murphy is a high school English teacher in California who gives her students the option of making memes about her and her lessons throughout the school year. On the last day of school, she invites them to share their work. And this year, she shared some of their hilarious memes on Twitter.

"They usually take this opportunity to roast me, which I don't mind," she wrote on Twitter. "They really outdid themselves this year…"

Like any great teacher, Ms. Murphy clearly has a special connection with her classes. She typically greets each student with a unique handshake when they walk in and, if she doesn't, everyone knows that something is up.


She always does her best to provide #mondaymotivation, which is no easy feat.

high school teacher memes

And she reminds her students that learning does, in fact, require a bit of effort.

teacher meme

But there's nothing better than being proud of your work.

Meme shows hand over button that says "Submit" and reads "When you are finally confident with your essay" for English teacher meme project
Angelina Murphy / Twitter

Since Murphy posted the thread of memes her students created on Friday, they've received more than 35,000 retweets. And she can't help but joke about her student's memes becoming memes.

It's no surprise the general consensus on Twitter about Ms. Murphy's memes is:

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