Nearly Two-Thirds of Empty Nesters Feel Closer to Their Spouse After the Kids Move Out

Just the two of you isn't so bad, right?

You've probably heard that becoming an empty nester affects your marriage. Once the kids are finally out of the house, some couples suddenly realize that they became so absorbed in their roles as parents that their romantic relationship took a backseat. But your kids flying the coop could also be an opportunity to reconnect with your spouse—and it turns out, that's what most people experience. A new survey from 55 Places, a retirement community website, found that 63 percent of empty nesters become closer with their spouse after their kids move out. On top of that, 58 percent said they become more intimate with their partner.

The researchers interviewed 1,860 empty nesters (61 percent female, 39 percent male) for the survey, which found some other benefits of post-kid life, too. More than 80 percent of respondents said they have more freedom and 62 percent feel less financially stressed. While 66 percent admitted they did experience "empty nest syndrome," 68 percent also said that they ultimately enjoy being an empty nester.

But the new survey also shows in today's day and age, many parents are still taking care of their kids even if they're living elsewhere. Whether it's a generational entitlement or the unfortunate result of today's rent-to-salary ratio, 40 percent of the respondents said they still financially support their children in some way, spending an average of $250 per month doing so. According to the survey, 24 percent help cover cellphone bills, 19 percent said they help out with rent, and 38 percent even said they've had an adult child move back in after moving out.

Experts suggest that parents who aspire to have those empty-nester perks stop viewing their child as a little kid, and start looking at them as adults who need to find their own footing. After spending two decades being chefs, maids, chauffeurs, therapists, and more, parents deserve a little alone time, don't you think?

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