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She Played Elena Tyler on "Felicity." See Tangi Miller Now at 52.

After the college-set drama, the actor branched out into producing and directing.

Tangi Miller is best known by TV fans for playing Elena Tyler, the bright and insightful roommate and lab partner to Keri Russell's titular character on the college drama, Felicity. The show was a hit throughout its four-season run, and won several accolades, including an NAACP Image Award for Miller. Although the way the series ended in 2002—and specifically how Elena's arc was resolved—was controversial, Miller still remembers her time on the show fondly. She told Vice in 2021, "​​[Showrunner J.J. Abrams] was innovative. He was really searching for authenticity. He wanted to know if you were in a situation, what would you do? And he listened. I remember being like, 'My character wouldn't say that. She's supposed to be smart. She can't just say stupid stuff unless she's joking.' He wanted it to be honest."

Here's what the '00s teen idol has been up to since the beloved series came to the end.

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She wasn't happy with her character's fate either.

Tangi Miller in 2001
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

In an attempt to wrap up all all of the ongoing storylines in the fourth season, the Felicity writing team made some divisive decisions. There were multiple twists and turns in the final episodes, including one in which Miller's character is killed offscreen in a car accident. The actor was just as wary of that resolution for Elena as fans were at the time. "I thought it was nuts, I'm not going to lie," she told Vice.

Miller added, "I really can't tell you [why it happened]. It didn't make any sense to me. I just remember we were at our wrap party and we were like, 'That thing was crazy.' So, I think we sipped a little bit more champagne and were like, 'Whatever.'"

She left Felicity with a plan to "create [her] own stories."

Tangi Miller in 2002
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Miller continued to work after Felicity, but she found that she became pickier about roles due the show's success. "I was a little bit snooty," she told Vice. "Once you work on a show like Felicity, everything else is kind of like, 'Oh, I don't have to do that,'" she said. "And I wanted to create my own opportunities. My representation, they were not happy about that. But I wanted to produce. I wanted to create my own stories."

She's acting, directing, and producing.

Tangi Miller in 2013
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Miller has been in dozens of films and shows in the years since Felicity, including The District, Madea's Family Reunion, Hollywood Chaos, and Leroy. Her most recent onscreen credit is a role in the 2021 rom-com Entanglement, and she has another movie, Nwannem: Sisters, listed as being in pre-production.

The actor stuck to her promise to herself and has also focused much of her career on producing. Her projects as a producer include include Love… & Other 4 Letter Words, My Girlfriend's Back, Blood Lines, and 72 Hours, all of which she also played roles in. And she made her directorial debut with the 2016 miniseries, Diva Diaries.

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She gives back.

Tangi Miller in 2019
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Miller attended Alabama State University to study marketing before deciding to pursue an acting career, and also has a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine. Now, in between her own projects, she runs the non-profit organization she founded. Called Education, Arts and Travel (or E.A.T.), the foundation hosts workshops for students who are interesting in pursing the arts. The 52-year-old also has a show called Diva Talk on Fuzion Radio, during which she and her guests deliver a "can't miss mix of diva tea, girlfriend chats, and pro tips."

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