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50 Easy DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

These simple tasks will have your space looking like a million bucks in no time.

Interior design influencers are all over social media, inspiring their followers to do more with their humdrum surroundings. And while learning to drywall or repaving your own patio may take more time and money than you're inclined to spend, there are plenty of easy projects you can take on to completely transform your home in a couple of days or less. That's why we've teamed up with DIY experts to bring you some amazing and easy DIY projects you can complete in just a few hours! Read on to see what you can achieve with a minimum of time, effort, and even experience.

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These DIY Home Projects Are Sure to Elevate Your Space

Have some extra wood laying around? Maybe a few rolls of craft paper? Use these affordable materials to create amazing home projects and knick-knacks!

1. Make your own hand-painted wallpaper.

No budget for expensive wallpaper? No problem! Cassandra Campana of Cass Creates says that this project cost virtually no money and was quick to complete. "I used a level and long piece of scrap wood to draw the vertical lines along the wall. Then, I cut two pieces of scrap wood at an angle and glued them together to make a template for the rest of the pattern," she explains. After penciling the design on the wall, she painted it using a thin brush.

2. Create your own DIY coffee station.

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Tired of running out of countertop space or finding too many mismatched mugs in your cabinet? Consolidate your collection and keep your morning pick-me-up essentials in one place with this easy coffee station from Jes and Madhu Das of Yea We Built That.

After you've sanded your wood and sprayed it with lacquer, "put the pieces together [and] be sure the shelf is at a 90-degree angle so your shelf contents don't slide off," says Jes. She adds that the mug hooks under the station can be purchased at any hardware store.

3. Build your own slide-out crate organizer.

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If you want more entryway storage but don't have a lot of space, these sliding milk crates might just be the best way to combat your clutter.

"We had a couple of [crates] lying around so we decided to turn them into functional items where we could actually store things we need access to on a regular basis," says Jes. After spray painting the crates, she attached sliding drawer tracks to the crate and wall, making sure to measure and re-measure to ensure functionality.

4. Create your own custom mirror.

Transforming that lackluster mirror into a statement piece is easier than you might expect. "I recently turned a plain wooden mirror into a gorgeous rose gold piece using only white paint, tape, and a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint in rose gold," says DIY blogger Sarah Macklin of Dream of Home. She simply painted the corners with white paint, covered them with tape once they were dry, and used spray paint for the rest.

5. Reupholster your headboard.

Want to brighten up your bedroom in no time? All it takes is a weekend and some elbow grease to make this gorgeous headboard. "This update was inexpensive and made a huge impact, but it did take a couple of coats to cover the gray color of the original upholstery," says DIYer Amanda Poe of BohoFrisco.

6. Stencil and paint your nightstand.

Now that you've done your headboard, why not upgrade that boring nightstand in your bedroom, too? It only takes a couple of hours to create a custom piece. "I used chalk paint and a stencil to create this bone inlay look for a fraction of the cost [of a new piece]," says Poe.

7. Use milk paint to transform an old dresser.

Instead of taking that beat-up old dresser to the dump, try transforming it a la DIY home bloggers Ash and Eileen Annesley of Just Measuring Up. "We had an old dresser from the '50s and completely changed the look of it with milk paint and brand new hardware," the pair explains.

8. Make your own picture ledge.

You don't have to crowd every bookshelf and mantle to find enough space for your photos. "These are gorgeous picture ledges that we made from scrap wood that now house a collection of photos," say the Annesleys. The best part? This project cost less than $10.

9. Make your own map wall art.

Great art doesn't have to cost a fortune. Case in point: This gorgeous map from Just Measuring Up. "This is a simple three-piece world map made with just wood, paint, and a stencil," explain the Annesleys.

10. Create a built-in bookcase.

Creating more storage doesn't have to be a time-consuming or costly endeavor. However, it's important to secure your shelves before using them. DIYer Danielle Pientka, founder of, says, "You need to make sure shelves and cabinets are level and mounted to studs in the wall. Everything needs to be secured well, as books and movies are heavy."

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11. Construct your own entertainment center.

Want to make your TV and cable box a stylish part of your décor instead of an eyesore? Pientka says this project is a bit more complicated, but it's well worth the effort. "We mounted the cabinets then added feet for additional support," she explains. "The cabinets give us lots of hidden storage space without a lot of work."

12. Install your own peel-and-stick backsplash.

Upgrading your kitchen doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money—or even hiring a contractor. Poe says that removable tiles are an easy way to transform your space, noting that it took just one weekend to complete this project. Better yet, "these tiles are removable so you can take them out when you leave your rental space, or when you want to change your kitchen again!," she explains.

13. Make over your pantry with custom shelving.

Kitchen remodels can be pricey, but you can upgrade your pantry in a single weekend with custom shelving. "We took the old wire shelves out of our pantry and replaced them with beautiful wooden shelves and home drawers," say the Annesleys.

14. Build kitchen shelves from old doors.

Remodeling your home? Put that old hollow core door to good use with this fun DIY project from Chatfield Court. "This is an easy project to do and makes a huge difference in any space," says DIYer Kristi Haight.

15. Make your own farmhouse dining table.

Large dining room tables can be prohibitively pricey—unless you make your own, that is. "Just sand down the wood with an orbital sander, add a coat of stain, and wipe it off. Let it dry and then apply whitewash to the entire table," says Austin Alvarez of Building Our Rez.

16. Build your own fire pit.

Keeping warm outdoors doesn't have to mean dragging your blankets into your backyard. "Go to your local hardware store and grab 30 pewter concrete retaining wall blocks, a bag of pea pebbles, and a bag of paver base," says Alvarez. "Two hours later you'll be roasting all the marshmallows with the closest of friends and family."

17. Create your own compost bin.

Large cedar wood compost boxes with composted soil and yard waste for backyard composting
Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

Turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden with this easy DIY. "You can use any wood you want to build, including scrap wood that is free," says Allen Michael, editor of DIY site SawsHub. "Just make sure it isn't treated—you don't want chemicals in your compost!"

18. Make your own succulent wall.

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A post shared by Amanda (@tantrumsandtools)

Want to flex your green thumb? This succulent wall is the ideal way to display your prized potted plants. "All you need is shiplap, 2×2 pots, and clips," says Amanda Badgley of Tantrums and Tools. "Make a few straight cuts, nail everything together, screw in your clips, and you're done!" Think of it kind of like a gallery wall, only greener.

19. Create your own succulent terrarium.

You can bring the outdoors in with these easy terrariums from Karla Perez of Chicfully Kreations. "You fill the apothecary jars with pebbles and just insert the succulent of your choice," she explains.

20. Make your own front door wreath.

Want to give your front door a fun seasonal makeover? One that you can put together in less than an hour? Try this gorgeous paper wreath project from Chicfully Kreations. "I used a floral garden natural willow wreath, different plastic ferns, white paper plates, feathers that I dipped with gold glitter, and a cutout of [Peter Pan's] silhouette," says Perez. She notes that she first rolled the plates to make the flowers, then glued the other materials on.

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21. Build an elevated garden bed.

Raised beds just got a chic upgrade, thanks to this easy DIY from April Reade of If Only April. "Just cut the wood, make a box from it, and add legs for convenience. Add planks on the bottom of the box and cover the bottom with black fiberglass screen to protect soil from falling through," says Reade.

22. Make an easy entryway organizer.

entryway shelf with jacjets hanging

Don't let your mail and keys clutter up your entryway any longer. Reade says she attached hooks and small shelves to some scrap wood and voilà, "the entryway organizer was ready!"

23. Construct a set of floating shelves for your garage.

Has your garage gotten so cluttered you can hardly see the floor? These simple DIY shelves are perfect for getting rid of that mess once and for all. "I attached a frame to the wall, then made another matching frame and connected them with cleats between," explains Reade. "Then I cut a sheet of plywood in three parts and lined shelves with it."

24. Make a lazy Susan pencil holder.

colored pencils
Thanthima Limsakul/Shutterstock

Give your desk an easy upgrade with this lazy Susan pencil holder. "I measured the thickness of pencils, drilled holes into the wood, attached a lazy Susan on the bottom, and it was ready!" says Reade.

25. Build your own baby gym.

Not loving the look of your kids' clunky plastic toys? Making this gorgeous wooden baby gym is easier than you'd expect. "Simply take one 1×2, make four legs out of it, attach the dowel, and decorate as you like," says Reade. "I used beads on elastic cord, but ideas are unlimited."

26. Install your own custom closet.

You don't have to have contractor-level skills—or a huge budget—to create your own custom closet. Using a ClosetMaid Selectives system, DIYer Alyssa Loring of Feathers and Stripes created this bespoke storage space for her daughter. "I love the drawers for extra organization, so I have a place to put her swimsuits, extra sheets, and other things that just don't fit well in her dresser," she said. "One drawer usually has some items that are a little too big but will fit soon-ish."

27. Create your own couch sleeve.

wooden couch sleeve

One dropped mug of coffee is too many—but you don't need another table cluttering up your space to give yourself extra room for those drinks. Just spend a day making this wooden couch sleeve. After cutting your wood to size, "glue and clamp the sides to secure the bottom two pieces to the top, and let it dry," says Brandon Smith, editor at The Saw Guy. Follow it up with wood stain and polyurethane finish, and you're done!

28. Build a stylish blanket ladder.

model living room with diy blanket ladder
Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Draping a blanket over the arm of your couch can add a touch of rustic chic, but there are only so many textiles your sofa can handle. Enter: the DIY blanket ladder. "You don't even need power tools to make this simple blanket ladder. All it requires is a miter box, a hand saw, and a few boards," says Vineta Jackson, founder of The Handyman's Daughter.

29. Resurface your fireplace.

This easy DIY home project can completely transform a room, but, surprisingly enough, it doesn't require a contractor. If you're over your existing brick fireplace, "smooth out the rough surface with mortar, then give it a new look with modern tile," suggests Jackson.

30. Or give it a serious cleaning and a fresh coat of paint!

woman cleaning the smoke stains from a fireplace

Smoke stains are notoriously hard to clean, but don't let that discourage you from remodeling your fireplace. "When the cleaning didn't remove the smoke stains, I turned to a semi-transparent concrete dye," says Kate Terhune of Mama Kate Knows Best.

31. Redo your worn-out bathroom floors.

Even if your bathroom flooring is looking a little worse for wear, you don't have to rip up all that tile. According to Jackson, it's easy to "give your bathroom floor a bold new look with floor paint and a graphic stencil."

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32. Create a simple bespoke laptop stand.

That laptop stand you bought at your local big box store may serve a purpose, but it's not exactly pretty. Luckily, transforming it is simpler than you might expect. "It's so easy to swap out the faux-wood top of this store-bought laptop stand for a custom design," explains Jackson. "You can glue several contrasting boards together to make a larger piece, or add a pop of color with recycled skateboards."

33. Transform a piece of wood into an easy candleholder.

Have one too many mismatched candles kicking around your house? Turn them into a stunning centerpiece by creating your very own wooden candle or plant holder. "Dig through your scrap wood pile to put together this simple DIY candleholder that doubles as an air plant stand," says Jackson. "Just glue up the layers, trim off the sides, and drill a hole for the candle on top." Simple as that!

34. Make a fancy plant hook.

Even if you don't have much of a green thumb, hanging some easy-to-care-for plants on your wall can give your entire room a lot of character with a minimal investment of time. "Spice up an ordinary plant hook with a fancy wood backing, then add cute terrariums for air plants," says Jackson. She notes that this whole project takes under an hour to complete.

35. Redo your cabinet doors with contact paper.

A full kitchen makeover is a pretty exhaustive and expensive undertaking. However, you can "give your flat front cabinets a quick makeover with peel-and-stick contact paper," says Jackson. This is also a great way for renters to transform their kitchens without losing their security deposit.

36. Paint your kitchen backsplash.

You don't need to tear out your existing backsplash to give it new life. Instead, "brighten it up with a coat of bonding primer and floor paint that holds up to cooking messes and sink splashes," suggests Jackson.

37. Add crown molding to your cabinetry.

Carpenter nailing crown moldings in the kitchen cabinets framing trim worker using air brad nail gun

Looking for a way to transform your kitchen that doesn't require a contractor? Adding some trim above your cabinetry is so simple, even a DIY novice can do it. "Purchase the molding and trim and then paint it to match the cabinet color," explains James Judge, a Phoenix-based designer and realtor. "The finished look makes it look like the cabinets expand to the ceiling."

38. Install some interior wall paneling.

green wall panelling in a modern bedroom

If you're bored of your drab walls—and even paint won't do—a great way to transform them is to add paneling, which is easier to install than you might think. "Buy 1×1 boards and then create a graphic pattern," suggests Judge. He recommends drawing the pattern on the wall first before hanging the panels. Then, attach the boards to the walls and paint them in the color of your choice. "This is a great inexpensive way to achieve a new look and a nice alternative to wallpapering," Judge says.

39. Sew a new set of curtains.

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A post shared by Alisa Bovino (@aglassofbovino)

Curtains can cost a pretty penny, but you can easily make your own with a little DIY know-how. DIY blogger Alisa Bovino of A Glass of Bovino says it takes just about an hour to hem a set of four panels. Her only warnings about these pleated beauties? "Be sure you're using the same amount of fabric per pleat, you're spacing them about equal distance apart from each other, and you're also clipping in the same place."

40. Revamp an Ikea media center.

shelving unit next to gray wall
Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Ikea furniture may be a staple in many homes, but on its own, it doesn't do much to stand out. If you want to change the look of your media center, try this Kallax hack from blogger JZ of Just Might DIY. "With some thin wood, stain, wood glue, drawer pulls, and a free afternoon, I turned this piece from meh to wow," she explains. The best part? It cost her just $40 to complete!

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41. Upcycle an old record cabinet.

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A post shared by Just Might DIY (@justmightdiy)

Have an old record cabinet that's seen better days? Try JZ's trick for repurposing a family heirloom and giving it new life. "We decided to use the bones of the old [record cabinet] and cover it with red oak veneer so it would still be the piece that my mom used to store her records," she says.

42. Build your own surfboard headboard.

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A post shared by Just Might DIY (@justmightdiy)

Whether you live at the beach or just wish you did, creating a surfboard headboard is a great way to liven up your bedroom. Despite her lack of experience and limited collection of tools, JZ managed to create this gorgeous piece. "This headboard is proof that with enough determination, you can make anything you put your mind to," she says.

43. Create a sola flower centerpiece.

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Want to add some natural elements to your space but not great with plants? Try this sola wood flower centerpiece, via Just Might DIY. "A little bit of water mixed with craft paint, and you can dip dye these amazing [sola wood] flowers and create a beautiful centerpiece that will last," says JZ.

44. Make your own postcard wreath.

This easy DIY postcard wreath is another piece that will look amazing on your wall all year round. "This wreath has it all: a funky Sputnik shape, silvery glitter, and a place to display retro postcards," says Tara Besore, founder of DIY blog Hammer and a Headband.

All she used was pre-cut pieces of wood and glue to craft the frame. "I created this wreath to hold holiday and special occasion cards, but for the rest of the year it's a perfect spot to showcase my favorite postcards," she says.

45. Paint a mid-century-style work of art.

Transforming your home with new art doesn't have to mean spending hours browsing Etsy or galleries for inspiration. "Since mid-mod art involves a lot of simple shapes and clean lines, anyone can DIY this kind of painting using a few basic shapes," says Besore. "Think footballs and bowling pins."

46. Create a cool frame for your favorite pieces.

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Not thrilled with the frame selection at your local store? No problem. According to JZ, creating this acoustic foam frame is pretty simple. "I created what we call the 'Soundboard Frame' out of square-edged pine, black stain, and lots of patience. But it was definitely worth the effort!" she says. "Now this cool painting is showcased in a piece of art itself."

47. Build your own floral board wall art.

couch in front of large floral painting
Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Want an eye-catching design element to liven up an otherwise bland wall? Try making your own piece of floral wall décor. "I had this wooden frame kicking around that was used as a packing element for a large appliance [and] could easily cover it in fabric via staple gun [to] have a gorgeous focal point," explains blogger Katie Hellmuth Martin, founder of Tin Shingle and A Little Beacon Blog. By simply stapling the fabric to the frame, she created this amazing piece of art, but you can also do the same with a piece of corkboard if you want to create your own custom message center.

48. Make a chalkboard wall calendar.

With just a little tape and some chalkboard paint, you can create a gorgeous reusable wall calendar. According to blogger Jen Hadfield of Tater Tots and Jelly, it's easy to tailor the project based on the amount of space you have available. That said, some careful planning is important. You might want to reserve this one for when you have a couple of days to spare instead of just a few hours.

"Once you get your wall painted, let it cure and then season the wall by chalking the wall all over with the blunt side of the chalk," she writes. "This will make the wall take the chalk and instead of the chalk going into the paint… so it can be washed off later."

49. Make your own pendant light.

DIY pendant light
On The Fly DIY/Youtube

A new light fixture can be an expensive investment—so if you're looking for a simple low-cost DIY lighting project to revamp your space, look no further than On the Fly DIY. "Pendant lighting is so easy and inexpensive to make yourself. There's no reason to purchase new fixtures at retail prices," says Vicki Liston in On the Fly DIY's video tutorial.

She made this fixture from pieces at a local hardware store, but you may find all the materials you need in your basement! "Start with a basic wiring set up and you can incorporate almost any type of DIY shade to perfectly coordinate with your style," she explains.

50. Build a theft-proof mailbox.

DIY mailbox
On The Fly DIY/Youtube

This easy home DIY project isn't just decorative—it's incredibly practical, too. "We use online shopping for almost everything, but porch pirates are putting a damper on this convenience," explains Liston in a video tutorial for this super secure mailbox. With some wood, a table saw, a drill, screws, hinges, and spray paint, she managed to create her own theft-proof mailbox to outsmart those thieves—and you can, too!

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of DIY home projects, but be sure to check back with us soon for even more ways to keep yourself busy. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on what's next!

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