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Woman Shares How She Lost 80 Pounds With 2 Simple Exercises

Amanda Hinds, 31, picked up her fitness journey after gaining weight during the pandemic.

When it comes to dramatic weight loss results these days, a lot of us assume medication may be involved. But while treatments like Wegovy and Ozempic are exceedingly helpful for some, many people are still tackling weight loss the traditional way—with diet and exercise. Amanda Hinds, a 31-year-old New Jersey resident, is one of these success stories: After taking up two simple exercises, she lost 80 pounds.

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In an interview with, Hinds shared that she was first motivated to start her fitness journey ahead of the COVID pandemic, but her plans were derailed when her gym closed during lockdown. Over the course of a year, Hinds put on 100 pounds, which she said left her "frustrated and disgusted" with herself.

But she'd also bought a Peloton bike—having developed a love for indoor cycling before COVID when she attended a class with a younger instructor, who was also Black and played music Hinds enjoyed. The Peloton bike didn't get much use during lockdown, but Hinds saw results when she overcame her fears and got back in the saddle in 2021.

"That was a big pivot in my fitness journey—admitting that something was hard, but could be done," she told "It's supposed to be hard, and it's not going to be hard forever. Our bodies can do it. It's just our minds telling us we can't. When you're trying to grow and challenge yourself, you have to remove all of that noise."

Hinds documented her fitness journey on TikTok, sharing that she'd gone from 300 pounds to 245 pounds by Aug. 2022.


300 to 245 (and counting) I love cycling! Find something you love and stick with it. #peloton #onepeloton #weightlosscheck #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjouney

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While riding the stationary bike, Hinds would use her own playlists and record herself talking like an instructor. After getting stronger and being motivated by a friend, Hinds started auditioning to be a formal instructor at several gyms.

"One gym took a chance on me, even when I didn't believe in myself yet," she told

Hinds said she dealt with "imposter syndrome" when she first started, but thanks to support from her attendees, she overcame those fears and felt more confident in herself. By Jan. 2023, Hinds had lost a total of 65 pounds while teaching cycling, and that June, she achieved her goal of becoming a CycleBar instructor, she said on TikTok.

"As a plus-sized woman of color, it feels so empowering to be up on that podium," she told


I was going to wait until I hit my "goal weight" to achieve my dream of being a cycling instructor. I'm so glad I didn't wait because I'm doing the damn thing!! #peloton #onepeloton #cycling #cyclinginstructor #weightlossjouney #fyp #pelotoninstructor

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In addition to cycling, Hinds also gets her cardio in by running, sharing on TikTok that she recently completed a half marathon.

"If you told me last year I was going to be jogging for an hour, I would not believe you. I'm definitely proud of myself when it comes to my fitness level," she told

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Hinds also switched up her eating habits, but she is less restrictive than she was when she began her journey.

"I would eat a certain way, or not eat at a certain time, because I wanted to see this number tomorrow," she said.

Now, she strikes a balance by eating healthier foods and not shaming herself when she wants a treat.

However, although her weight loss is impressive, Hinds believes her accomplishments are more about feeling fit and like her best self, as opposed to "a number on the scale."

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