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Dollar General Stores Were Just Shut Down for Major Violations

Stores will remain closed until all issues are addressed, officials said.

Dollar General is recognized for its low prices, but recently, the discount chain has also become known for more questionable reasons. The company found itself under fire for overcharging customers at dozens of stores, displaying different prices on the shelf and at the register. As a result of its price discrepancies, Dollar General is facing a lawsuit filed by the state of Ohio. But that's not the extent of its troubles. Now, major violations have resulted in Dollar General locations being shut down. Read on to find out which stores were forced to close their doors.

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Several Dollar General stores closed in 2022.

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Dollar General is actively increasing its store footprint across the U.S., but the chain has also closed several locations this year.

On Oct. 18, the retailer confirmed that a location in Indianapolis, Indiana, would be shutting down for good, ABC-affiliate WRTV reported. In a statement, a corporate official told WRTV that the decision was made "after careful consideration."

"Dollar General is continually evaluating our stores and how to best serve our customers," the company said. Residents in the surrounding area, however, pointed to crime as a possible reason for the closure. According to records from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, there were at least 99 robberies and/or thefts reported at the Indianapolis Dollar General store over the past five years, per WRTV.

Over the summer, Dollar General also had to close locations in Euclid, Ohio, due to hazardous conditions. Both locations had "critical safety issues," according to CBS-affiliate Cleveland 19 News, specifically blocked aisles, lack of access to electrical panels, and inaccessible fire extinguishers.

Now, more Dollar General stores are closing—once again as a result of dangerous violations.

One store is in violation of the International Fire Code.

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A Dollar General store in Granite Shoals, Texas, was closed to shoppers on Nov. 28, reported. According to Granite Shoals Fire Marshal Chris Cowan, the store on Ranch to Market Road 1431 was in violation of the International Fire Code, and it will not be permitted to reopen until it's in compliance.

Cowan inspected the store on Nov. 23, where he found "cluttered aisles, obstructed exits, expired fire extinguishers, and unmarked chemicals," per

After Thanksgiving weekend, Cowan returned to re-inspect the location, but violations had yet to be addressed. The cluttered aisles were his primary concern, none of which were up to standards, he told the Aisles are required to be 44 inches wide with no obstructions to be considered a "means of egress," per the fire code.

"It's a clutter issue, but the clutter creates a life safety issue throughout the whole store that is going to prevent people in a panic from getting out," Cowan told the outlet. "The citizens of Granite Shoals deserve better and deserve safer."

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Dollar General has been called out for its crowded aisles.

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Crowded aisles aren't a new complaint at Dollar General, as social media users recently called the retailer out for jam-packed stores nationwide. At the Dollar General location in Granite Shoals, manager Sarah Williams told that the issues were the result of staffing issues and overstocking, but said store employees will "get it sorted out." reported that local police have received frequent complaints about the aisles in recent years; however, no charges have been brought against Dollar General to date. If current issues persist, fines may be incurred and the store could have its certificate of occupancy revoked.

"My main thing is compliance," Cowan told, explaining that he is working with the store to get it back up and running. "I want to see them succeed. I want to see the store open and do good business and be around for the people of Granite Shoals, but it's got to be safe for everybody."

A local health department shut down another Dollar General.

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On Nov. 21, the Warrick County Health Department in Boonville, Indiana, shut down a differnet Dollar General store, according to a Facebook post. The location is on Indiana State Road 662 (SR 662) in Newburgh, per 44News, now displaying a sign on the door to let shoppers know about closure.

"By Order of the Warrick County Health Department this retail food establishment has been ordered to temporarily close until the violations are corrected," the Nov. 23 Facebook post reads. The health department noted that there were "repeated violations" at the Dollar General store, which are "a danger to personal safety or have been found in violation of provisions or applicable ordinances."

The store will remain closed for the foreseeable future, and the notice will stay posted until the health department re-inspects the property. "Staff is working to correct the violations and the establishment will reopen once passing a follow-up inspection," the post reads.

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The county shut down another Dollar General earlier in November.

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Another Dollar General in Newburgh was shut down by the Warrick County Health Department on Nov. 1, with officials citing "unsanitary conditions." The store was required to stay closed with the notice posted pending a re-inspection.

An update posted on Nov. 4 confirmed that the follow-up inspection was performed "to verify the imminent health hazard has been completely and safely eliminated," and the store was given the green light to reopen. In the comment section of the post, many residents noted that other Dollar General stores should be inspected, too—including the store that was shut down a few weeks later on SR 662.

Best Life reached out to Dollar General for comment, but has yet to hear back.

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