This Dog Photobombing His Parents' Engagement Photos Will Crack You Up

"It was a hilarious photo session," the photographer said.

For many pet owners, their furry friends are more like family. So it makes sense that it's become increasingly popular for couples to include their pawfect children in their engagement and wedding photos. And that was especially important for Alfredo Garcia da Silva and Joyce Sabino Greffe, from Campo Grande, Brazil, who wanted to feature their nine-month-old dog Thor in their engagement photos.

Though they had snapped some shots at a local farm, they weren't allowed to bring Thor due to the other animals around. To make up for it, they scheduled a second photoshoot with photographer Nícolas Carrelo and boy, did Thor take his moment to shine seriously.

"It was a hilarious photo session with this hyperactive dog!" Carrelo told Best Life. Frankly, that doesn't even do the pictures justice.

Dog Thor photobombs engagement shoot
Nicolas Carrelo

"I've photographed dogs before, but none like Thor," Carrelo said. "At first, he was pretty hard to photograph because I wanted to control [the photoshoot]. I soon realized that he would control everything and I should do it in his time." The results of Carrelo giving into Thor have to be seen to be believed.

Dog photobombs parents' engagement shoot
Nicolas Carrelo

During the photoshoot, Carrelo "realized that there were some funny images, but," he said, "I never imagined that it would take the proportion it took."

Exhibit A: This face Thor is making while pushing his mom over.

Dog photobombs engagement shoot
Nicolas Carrelo

If engagement photos are designed to capture a joyous moment in time, there's no doubt that Carrelo's images of Garcia da Silva, Greffe, and Thor were a success. They may not be picture perfect, but they certainly show the joy and love this family of three shares.

Thor dog photobombs couple's engagement shoot
Nicolas Carrelo

So, what did Garcia da Silva and Greffe think of the photos? They were "in love" with them, Carrelo said, "because I made pictures that speak—speak to who they are, how they are… And this power that photography has is amazing."

Dog photobombs engagement shoot
Nicolas Carrelo

After Carrelo posted the photos of the couple (bust mostly of Thor) on his social media accounts, the shoot quickly went viral. Within a week, they racked up 23,000 likes on Instagram, and they've been shared nearly 125,000 times on Facebook.

It didn't take long for Thor, the internet star, to be born.

Thor, dog who photobombed parents' engagement shoot
Nicolas Carrelo

All of this attention has also motivated Carrelo to photograph more dogs in the future. "There is no way to know what will happen," he explained of the spontaneity pets bring to a shoot. "It's all very natural and this is very cool!"

And with Garcia da Silva and Sabino Greffe's wedding date coming up in September, here's hoping we get some more photos of Thor real soon!

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