This Video of a Dog Diving into Piles of Leaves Will Lift Your Spirits

Let your spirits soar as aggressively as this yellow Lab dives into giant piles of leaves.

In these panicked times of social distancing and the shutting down of schools, restaurants, and sporting events, let us be thankful for one thing: This yellow Lab named Stella. Who is Stella, you ask? A dog who delights in jumping into massive piles of leaves, of course! And she's recently become a viral video sensation because she's just the mood boost we all need in the most uncertain of times.

Stella's owner, Jody Hartman, lives in Freeport, Maine, and, in 2018, she captured her dog repeatedly jumping into piles of leaves like a kid in candy store times 1,o00. Stella has since become a canine social influencer with an Instagram account that boasts nearly 400,000 followers.

A highlight reel of Stella leaping into leaves was published on YouTube roughly a month ago—aptly titled "Stella's Best Leaf Jumps of All Time"—and it recently went viral.

Watch the video below, but be forewarned, your spirits might soar to dangerous levels:

After all, what could be better psychological tonic than a dog being playful and blissfully ignorant of the looming public health risk that has turned many of us into hermits?

Truly, everyone on Twitter can't get enough of Stella.

From comedians who love the crunchy sound of the leaves as she dives into them…

…to fellow dogs who love leaves just as much as she does.

Really, who wouldn't rake the leaves again and again if it led to this kind of happiness?

It's just another example that dogs can really help us humans appreciate the little things in life, even when things are dire.

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