Seats Are Mysteriously Disappearing from Disney Theme Parks. Here's Why.

It's all about (surprise!) the bottom line.

Outside of the attractions, of course, the best part of Disneyland is probably the endless sea of benches and other seating areas. After all, when you've spent the whole day wrangling your kids onto the rides and traversing the enormous territory, being able to sit on a bench and just take in the sun is a sweet reprieve.

But if you've been to the most magical place on Earth recently and felt like your seating options have dwindled, it's not your imagination playing tricks on you.

It seems that Disneyland has quietly been removing seating areas in order to deal with overcrowding, especially given the onslaught of Star Wars fans they expect to get when Galaxy's Edge opens next summer. The fewer benches there are, the more people they can pack in, to the detriment of their visitors.

"It's getting harder and harder to sit down in the shade and relax," Debbie Sinclair, an annual pass-holder at the park, told The Orange County Register. "I'm really bummed about it, because I have bad knees and ankles. It's turning into Magic Mountain that's all concrete as far as I'm concerned."

In other attempts to make room for more guests, the theme park has also been removing some of the planters, kiosks, and popcorn carts that add to the ambience of the attractions.

In what sounds like a standard positive PR spin, Disneyland spokeswoman Liz Jaeger justified the changes by saying, "We continually strive to deliver a great guest experience, and we are always looking at ways to enhance elements such as guest flow, seating, and landscaping, which play an important part of a guest's visit to the parks."

Park officials also noted that they would be adding extra seating to their dining establishments, which is of little comfort to those who want to take a break without spending any money.

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