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If You Have This TV Provider, Prepare to Pay More, as of Jan. 23

The new year will bring higher television bills to some people.

As you make your New Year's resolutions, changing TV providers might need to be added to your list. January will bring about higher television bills for some, depending on the service you use. Hulu subscribers are just about to be hit with higher prices on Dec. 21, and in late November, Comcast announced it would be implementing its own new set of price hikes next year. Now, another major television provider just announced that it will be raising prices for most users, starting Jan. 23. Read on to find out if your television bill is going to get more expensive in the new year.

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DirecTV is raising its prices in January.

DirecTV corporate headquarters building. DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster.

In a warning posted to its website, DirecTV announced that it would be making several adjustments to its prices next year. According to the television provider, customers will see the new pricing on their bill starting Jan. 23. "Due to increased programming costs, we're adjusting the price of our video packages," DirecTV said in its announcement.

The company listed two reasons for the impending price hikes. "Periodically, TV network owners increase the fees they charge DirecTV for the right to broadcast their movies, shows, and sporting events. In addition, this year we have experienced higher-than-normal inflation across our suppliers," the provider said.

Your pricing adjustment will depend on which plan you have.

HDR image, DirecTv installation satellite dish antenna, company service truck - Revere, Massachusetts USA - September 29, 2015

DirecTV is adjusting prices per package, so how much more you will pay depends on which you have. The company is raising monthly satellite prices from an additional $1 to a possible increase of $10 each month. For Basic, Basic Choice, or Family packages, you'll only have to pay an extra dollar each month. But Max Plus subscribers will see their package cost an additional $10 each month. If you have the minimum satellite service or ChineseDirect Plus, there will be no cost increase for you in the new year.

As for DirecTV stream, the minimum Entertainment service will see no increase, Choice subscribers will pay $5 more every month, and Ultimate Premier users will pay a monthly increase of $10. DirecTV has broken down the price hikes for all other packages on its website.

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But you might also see certain fees decrease.

man watching American football on tv

DirecTV is also adjusting its Regional Sports Network (RSN) fees, starting Jan. 23. Prices will change based on your ZIP code "to better align with content," explained the company. DirecTV added, "As a result, some customers will see no change or a rate decrease, and others will see up to a $2 monthly increase."

According to the breakdown, those in Tier 1 and 4 will see no change, while those in Tier 2 will see a decrease from $7.87 to $5.80 and those in Tier 3 will see a decrease from $9.13 to $7.80. If you're in Tier 5, your rate will increase to $11.99. To find out what fee applies to your ZIP code, visit the provider's website.

"If your package doesn't include Regional Sports Networks, you won't be charged a Regional Sports Fee," the company also explained.

If you have a discount for DirecTV, you'll be able to use it until it expires.

DIRECTV App On Apple iPhone Screen. Splash Screen Display. Selective Focus.

However, both satellite and streaming users who have introductory offers from DirecTV will continue paying that price if the offer extends past Jan. 23. "You'll keep that discount until it expires. Once your offer period ends, you'll pay the new price for your package," the provider said.

If you change your package before your introductory offer period is over, "you may not be eligible for certain discounts anymore," DirecTV warned. But not all offers are able to be extended. The company is raising rates for grandfathered DirecTV Now and AT&T Now packages as well, per Variety. Typically, grandfather pricing allows existing customers to continue paying the same price for a service while the company changes pricing for new customers.

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