Clueless Dad Brings Home the Wrong Dog from the Groomers, Goes Viral

The hilarious case of the two toy Malteses.

maltese dog gets mistaken for Nieves by dad at local Petsmart

Last week, a Miami dad stepped into his local PetSmart in order to pick up their nearly 10-year-old toy Maltese, Nieves, following a grooming appointment. Everything was going well. The father always picks Nieves up after his appointment, and this time was no different. But when he got home, his 22-year-old son, Alex, noticed that something was a little off about Nieves.

Mainly, that it wasn't Nieves at all. Apparently, there were two white, toy Maltese dogs waiting to be picked up at the store, and the dad had accidentally scooped up the wrong one.

Alex put up a tweet recounting the incident on his account, and it immediately went viral, getting over 58,000 retweets in under five days. People cannot stop laughing at this case of mistaken identity.

The father immediately went back to PetSmart to return the misidentified pup and get Nieves.

This time, he sent a group text to the family to make sure he got it right. You've got to love the "Are you kidding me?" look on Nieves' face.

Alex told Buzzfeed that while they tried to rectify the mistake before mom got home, they eventually told her and she found it hilarious as well.

You also can't blame the dad too much since the wrong dog did follow him to the car and jumped in as soon as he opened the door. Maybe the pup was just over PetSmart?

"My brother and I died of laughter and asked why he would take the dog home if he thought something was off," Alex said. "He said, 'I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me.'" And for more great canine content, check out the Adorable Dog That Waits for His Owner's Train All Day Long.

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