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15 Curtain Bangs Ideas for the Most Beautiful Haircut, Stylists Say

One pro said at least 90 percent of his clients have this cut.

If you've experimented with your hair in the past, then there's probably nothing that strikes fear in your heart quite like the word "bangs." This hairstyle makes a big impact and can take ages to grow out, so if you plan to cut them, you'll want to give it some serious thought. However, not every bang hairstyle is a major commitment. Enter: curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs are softer than your average blunt bangs or baby bangs. They can blend seamlessly into your haircut, and because they're longer than a short bangs style, you can grow them out fairly fast or pin them back if they aren't for you.

Keep reading to learn more about different curtain bangs ideas and the hair lengths they go best with. We've also included an FAQ about how to care for and maintain them over time.

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What Are Curtain Bangs?

Side profile of Jennifer Lopez wearing a white shirt on the water. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she's wearing sunglasses.
Essenze di natura / Shutterstock

Curtain bangs are a wispy, face-framing style of bang that's typically shortest in the center and longer toward the temples. Depending on how they're styled (or not styled!), they can have a shaggy look or a sleek aesthetic.

You can spot curtain bangs on celebrities (Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez are just a few examples) and regular folks alike.

"At least 90 percent of all my female clients are wearing a variation of curtain bangs currently," says celebrity hairstylist William Whatley.

What Face Shapes Do Curtain Bangs Look Best On?

Most of the experts we polled thought that most face shapes could pull off curtain bangs. However, Whatley says they're especially perfect for those with round, square, diamond, and oval face shapes.

"On round faces, the curtain bang will give more angles so the face doesn't look as round," he says. "On a square-shaped face, it creates more of an oval shape, which is the shape we all try to achieve when creating looks, and on a diamond-shaped face, it takes the sharpness away from the forehead, especially if you have a longer forehead."

You can ask your stylist if they think the bangs will suit your features.

Are Curtain Bangs High Maintenance?

Compared to other bang styles, not really! "In my opinion, curtain bangs are the fringe style with the least amount of maintenance because as they get longer, you can just part them into your hairstyle," says Gretchen Friese, trichologist with BosleyMD. "They don't require as many trips to your stylist for bang trims."

Depending on how you like your curtain bangs to look, you may need to style them daily (or every few days). So you'll want to factor that in when making your decision.

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5 Best Curtain Bang Haircuts for Short Hair

Curtain Bangs Bob

Young woman with a bob hairstyle wearing a blue blouse and jeans sits at her desk using her phone
Look Studio / Shutterstock

Curtain bangs are a fun addition to this popular cut.

"If someone has a modern bob, adding curtain bangs can make that style more sexy and elegant," says Yvev Valcin, master hairstylist and owner of Yvev Salon. "Placing the shortest piece right between the eyebrows and the long piece to the corner of the eyes is the most beautiful way to cut curtain bangs for shorter hair."

It'll blend nicely with lots of movement.

Wavy French Bob

Stylish young woman with short hair wearing cream-colored pants and a black blazer sitting outside on building steps using her phone
Look Studio / Shutterstock

This is your classic model off-duty look.

"Wavy French bobs typically look good on those with square jaws because they move the eyes higher on the face and can make the jaw appear more feminine," says Ghanima Abdullah, cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles. "This is also the case with wavy French bobs with curtain bangs, but the bangs add an allure to the look, so it's not so cut and dry."

You'll have a tousled, perfectly undone edge with the French bob's iconic short crop.

Shaggy Bob

Portrait of a young woman with a short blonde shag haircut and tattoos wearing a white tank top against a beige background
insta_photos / iStock

This bob can be a little longer than the French bob, but the vibes are similar. You can chop your strands to just above shoulder length and include soft layers. When styling, add lots of waves and texture.

Boy Pixie Cut

Studio shot of a senior woman standing against a gray background

You can have curtain bangs even if you go super short!

"Pixies are great for heart-shaped faces, and curtain bangs look great with a boy-cut pixie," says Abdullah.

For this cut, you'll keep some length in the front, and it'll be cut shorter in the back and on the sides. "It's very chic," Abdullah adds.

Wolf Cut

okskukuruza / iStock

This is like a mullet with lots of shaggy, choppy layers—but cut short.

"Wolf cuts look good on everyone, especially those with round faces," says Abdullah. "To heighten a wolf cut's femininity, add curtain bangs."

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5 Ways to Style Curtain Bang for Medium Hair

Wavy Lob

Close up of a middle-aged woman wearing glasses. She has a curly bob haircut, with brown-gray hair
photoman / iStock

A lob (long bob) is a classic medium-length haircut where your hair comes to shoulder length or just above it.

"Curtain bangs look amazing on a wavy lob if you also curl them a little to blend in with the style," says Abdullah. "It's a very informal look that's great on heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces."

Think low-key French-girl style with this one.

Light Curtain Bangs

Young woman with tattoos on her arms wearing a black-and-white striped t-shirt and denim overalls against a white background
insta_photos / Shutterstock

Valcin warns against overwhelming fringe at this length.

"For medium hair, it shouldn't be too full or heavy of a bang," says Valcin. "With curtain bangs, sometimes you have to experiment with where they fall around the eyes; if they're not too full, it's easier for them to be manipulated to fall exactly the way you want."

Nose-Length Bangs

Side profile of a blonde woman with long side-swept bangs
oksy001 / iStock

As for length, opt for around the bridge or tip of the nose. "This allows you to be able to tuck that curtain bang behind the ear so that you have more versatility to your curtain bang," says Whatley.

C Cut

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

This stands for "curve cut," which is when you add lots of long layers to create a C shape. Jennifer Aniston wore one for years on Friends.

"Long curtain bangs, when blended into a C cut, look like they were supposed to be there all the time—so much so that a C cut doesn't even look complete without curtain bangs," says Abdullah. "This cut is good for all face shapes because the C connects near the collar bones and draws the eyes down."

Wavy Inverted Lob

young woman with wavy dark hair and a white tank top cracking her neck on a white studio background
VladimirFLoyd / iStock

"If you have a wavy, tousled haircut that's longer in the front and shorter in the back, wave your curtain bangs right into the style," says Abdullah. "This is an edgy look that's perfect for making your cheeks look more narrow if you have a round face."

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5 Best Curtain Bang Hairstyles for Long Hair

Curtain Bangs With Layers

Smiling young woman enjoying summer

Many people get layers cut into their hair for more volume and movement, and adding curtain bangs to the look is a natural extension. They'll bring extra pizzazz to the look and blend nicely into the rest of your cut.

Butterfly Cut

A middle-aged woman wearing a bright purple t-shirt standing over an isolated white background, looking happy and pointing at her shirt. / Shutterstock

You've probably heard of the butterfly cut on social media. "This is a classic '70s look that uses feathering and curtain bangs for a power-girl look—and it's best with height," says Abdullah.

The feathery layers continue throughout the cut, making it ideal for longer lengths. Add some rollers, and you're ready to go.

Long Layers

older woman with bangs and grey hair

Long layers are a popular request at the salon.

"If your hair is really thick and you're thinning it out with long layers, add some curtain bangs to keep the softness of your look," says Abdullah. "This is great if you have an oblong or oval-shaped face."

Chin-Length Curtain Bangs

Young woman with long dirty-blonde hair smiling in front of a greenery background
Joegend / iStock

If you have longer hair, then your curtain bangs can also be longer.

"My favorite curtain bang style for long hair is to be at the chin," says Whatley. "This way, it allows it to still be a disconnected curtain bang, yet it flows to a longer hairstyle and doesn't look so disconnected—it looks like part of the style, and you can get a lot of styles out of a long curtain bang."

You can push them to one side, backward, or behind the ears.

Curtain Bangs With an Updo

Side profile of a woman in a pink shirt. She has dirty blonde hair pulled into a messy bun.
FreshSplash / iStock

If you've had enough with your hair for the day and have invested in curtain bangs, scoop it into a bun.

"Updos work beautifully for long hair, but if you want the style to look its best, make sure to have curtain bangs cut in," says Abdullah. "This look works best for faces with an oblong shape, as the bangs hide part of your forehead."

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How Should You Maintain Curtain Bangs?

Maintaining your curtain bangs requires semi-frequent trims, hair styling, and good hair care. Here's everything you need to know.


How do you dry curtain bangs?

This will depend on your hair. "After getting the bangs cut, notice which way they dry naturally," says Valcin. "Whichever way they fall, you'll want to blow dry them in the opposite direction." So, if the bangs fall toward the face, you'll want to blow dry them away from the face.

You can also experiment with different-sized round brushes to achieve the right fluidity and movement. And remember: Freshly cut bangs might take a little while to be trained to fall into place properly.

How often do you need to trim curtain bangs?

You should probably trim your bangs more often than you trim your ends.

"I recommend four to eight weeks depending on the length of the total haircut," says Whatley. "For short curtain bangs, you should have them trimmed often, whereas, for medium hairstyles, trims can be done less often."

What kinds of products should you use on curtain bangs?

You'll definitely need a round brush, blow dryer, and heat protectant. Depending on the look you're after, you may need a curling iron, flat iron, hair spray, and texture spray.


Choosing the best curtain bangs hairstyle for you depends on a range of factors, like your hair texture, face shape, hair length, and the amount of time and money you have to dedicate to maintenance and styling. For more hair and beauty advice, visit Best Life again soon.

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